Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5/16 - work hard, do a good job, suceed.

Had Don B. on board today with his folks. I've taken them fishing for several years. And believe it or not this was the first time we "Float-rigged". I look forward to having them aboard because they are nice people and fun to take fishing.
So this was all new to them. But after a day with Dave...they received "religion"...Float-rigging religion, that is.
I had them fishing level 10 spots! Ya' know I rate all my spots from 0-10 in difficulty level for the newbie. I can take some non-newbies there and I can still mess them up. Because some of my favorite spots are tighter than a gnats ass. Tight-Close quarters-and structure filled. Yeah, that's where the challenge comes in. GET ON IT! (that means REEEEEEEEEL) cause ya need to get that fish out'a there, yesterday. Before it breaks you off on oyster encrusted concrete pilings.
The reason the title of this report is; "work hard, do a good job, and succeed" is because that's what I kept hearing in the back of my mind, as if I had my dad standing behind me all day punishing me with his antedotes of my youth.
Because, if ya wanna talk about a challenging day of fishing? I can tell ya about it, even though it was a really nice day (finally). The salinity in that river if ya still wanna call it that.....(I don't) is super saline compared to what we really need to truly succeed on a daily basis.
I don't care if Redbass or Trout are your quarry.
That "so called" river that runs through this town is more like an long skinny extension of the Atlantic Ocean. All the way too down town at a minimum. I'd love to do a trip way south, like below the Buchman Bridge and see if "MY" fish are all the way down there, now. After numerous days of gale force ENE winds, pushing the water, along with ZERO rain fall to make a difference.
We had a really good time today at least.
3 & 4 pound Trout....some smaller ones, some throw-back shorts, Jacks, Ladyfish, & Bluefish.
A few Trout lost, and a few slam dunkers that caught us off guard. If anything Don and his Mom & Dad got a real education. That......
Work hard, do a good job, and succeed.
Means you'll catch some good fish during these drought conditions.

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