Monday, June 18, 2007

6/18 - thought of the day....ouch!

Since my post the other day mentioned
Honda's 100 HP coming out somewhere else
before it came out in the USA, and
my checking account had a hard time dealing
with filling my one tank of a two tank F-250
today, at $50 each.

And since no one is "ringing my phone off the
hook" (man that's an out dated saying now isn't it)
to reserve a charter, I ran across this rediculas
photo of not 4 or 5, but rather just 2 SeaVee boats
tied up next to each other, obviously some
where in south "kiss my azz rest of the world"

Yes.....look are not seeing things.
That is FOUR, 300 horse power 4 stroke Mercury's hanging off the transom's of those boats.
At damn near if not 700 pounds a piece, that's 2800 lbs of engines, and then lets not forget the 300-500 gallons of fuel in the tank(s) maybe more??? Hope they don't hit anything...I bet they'd sink so fast a rock would be jelous!

And my problem is filling up one tank in a twin tank 1995 Ford F-250?????

What is this, a convention of refinery exec's going fishing in the boats they bought their son's?

Cause I know it can't be charter fisherman!

And all I want in addition to what I already have is a 19' Black Lab Marine, Plate Alloy with a Honda tiller -steer 90 horse, AND SOME CUSTOMERS TO TAKE IN MY 26 AND THE 19!!!!

I bet these guys also have the south Florida fisherman's edition of a "Mr. T starter kit" hanging around their necks, too.

I hate fisherman that wear jewelry!

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