Thursday, June 21, 2007

6/21 - Back up & running.....

Wheww....had a bit of a computer problem there for a few days.

Turns out that it not only shut me down and the computer wouldn't work, it also infected my e-mails too. Sending the people that I sent e-mails to, a Nigerian fishing charter scam e-mail.

I had person after person saying..."Dave I don't know how I got this e-mail about this guy wanting a charter, but I think this is for you". It's all a scam to send them money...AS SEEN ON DATE LINE NBC.

Either way, SCREW those Jackass's. And lets get down to Fishin' Buisness again!

I went and posted some photo's of 6/20 charter ( one post downof this one on this blog page) with the Hostetters, where 8 year old Ryan who came with his dad & mom all the way from Japan to visit grandpa & grandma for vacation on Amelia Island caught a LOT of fish.

And then there was today. (6/21)

1st day of summer is today or yesterday? And the phone was ringing like crazy today, which is a good thing.

Wow, what a RADICAL difference from yesterday!! The fish feel that "front" coming and had the feed bags on yesterday, compared to today.

Had Chris Smith out today with two family members....."Two strong, silent types" obviously. Because if I wasn't coaching them and telling some stories as I always do, the boat would have been silent as they worked hard at the task at hand, which was watching their floats float & drift with out many bites at all.

Although we did have some "I.G" right off the bat at spot #1.

With a bruiser of a Redbass at 30" and 10 pounds exactly.
But that's where the excitement ended.....kinda.

Ladyfish drove us out of there, as we got wet from the on & off rain all day....then came the winds, afterwards.

They did pick up a few Trout, one was a keeper. 3-small Flounder, one was a keeper. Some Mangrove snappers, 1 was a nice keeper.

Then at the end of the day at the last frustrating spot, Chris get slammed ducked by a BIG fish, and he gets run under the boat and around the outboard and SNAP goes the leader. Possibly a big Jack. But could have been a big Redbass, again. Because it really wasn't as fast as a Jack.
THE FRONT, came thru and that's what made today a s-l-o-w day. The bait stealers weren't even all that active when we fished thru slack tide into the flood.
The weather guessers got it wrong, AGAIN comparing what actually happened weather-wise versus what they said was gonna happen 2 days ago.
Wish I could just GUESS like that.
So as of 5:00 pm today I found out I going tomarrow too. (ya'll know how I love those super late callers)
And I hope the fish bite, even if we do get rained on fish biting would be great!
I knew something had to kill my run of Drum & Trout down at my Honey hole. But it'll rebound.
I pitched a jig several times, doing the "bottom feeder bump" trying to see if there was any pup drum around, and never had a bite.

Till Friday.....stay tuned. (check out 8 year old Ryan's catches from yesterday.....just scroll down) Sorry Dad & Grandpa, but kids get the photo op's)

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