Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6/27 - Another typical summer day

Is it November 1st yet? Unfortunately, not by a L-o-n-g shot.

Had Mark J. on board today along with his friend. I stayed close because the morning falling tide of course was gonna be a short and quick one. Not strong by any local measure.
So we went into a creek'ish environment right off at the high tide.
I gave some seriously thorough float-rigging instructions, to these two wild and crazy guys who were chomping at the bit to get started. But we had some time to go over the details because the tide hadn't even started to fall yet.

Area #1 was actually a spot I fish in Deep, Deep winter......Same area that I fished on Super-Bowl Sunday all by myself, because everyone was SCARED of the winters chill. But of course I prevailed BIG TIME as usual.

But is the spot "summer-time" worthy. Yeah, but just not as quality. Instead of big massive Redbass, the summer fish are mostly pup Redbass. Instead of big fat 25" Trout, the trout are all small in the summer. And instead of never loosing a live shrimp from other than a quality fish, ya loose DOZENS to small pinfish in the summer. Worthy I suppose, because these guys caught fish had some "I.G." while learning what to do.

So you may have asked yourself, "what the hell is he talking about in that first sentence of this post?" Well this was your answer. During November starts the BLITZ on this particular spot we fished today. And we went through almost 4 dozen live baits before we had a keeper trout in the fish box.

Small Trout, and a bunch of small Reds & Jacks kept them going. But I was reminded that there was mouths to feed back home. But I don't guarantee all fish will be of legal size, especially when I'm dealing with east winds and slow tides, in June. But The fella's prevailed getting a few Trout and a 18" Red for the fish box.

So as I usually promise. I stepped it up a notch on them and took them to a favorite spot. Unfortunately, I haven't even caught anything there lately. And neither did they, but the practice was good for them because on a scale of 1-10 in difficulty.......this spots at a 9.95 level.

The falling tide was slacking fast so on the way back I stopped at ________. (I gave away the spot in the photo, so now ya know) and the guys yanked on Jacks one after another BIG and small, till the tide went slack.

The photo fish was a 10 pounder that KICKED some serious BUTT!
Especially, along that kind of structure.
Keeping the fish from going into it was the struggle like ya wouldn't believe for
Mark's buddy.

Overall, not a bad day. But you have to know me by now....I like a box full of big fat Trout, add in some Pup Black Drum, a few Flounder, and a 33" Redfish as a "kicker-fish". And I.G. for everyone on board at the first drop of the anchor. (doesn't everyone?)

But as of this Saturday & Sunday thru to the 15th of July, the tide strength will be building. And I hope to get back up river and back into what I was catching earlier in June.

Days still availible with GREAT TIDES are as follows in Yellow:
July 8th and 10th-15th. Then starts that dreaded "Kingfish Carnival" with the V.I.P Tournament on the 16th, and the Jr. Angler tournament on the 17th, which I can still conduct business during, with the 18th a open day too. But the 19th and 20th are out for charter fishing in Mayport. Plus, I have a follow up appointment in preparation for my Lasik surgery on the they can have at it and churn up the river and Ocean all they want. I don't care.

Please Plan ahead....Take "heed" to the dates and tides I mention, because your success can be based on it!

E-mail me at: for reservation dates and tide info, or better yet, just call (904) 642-9546 8am-8pm eastern time.

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