Friday, June 29, 2007

6/29 - Kids trip

Had Robert G. and his two "lil shavers", 5 & 9, on the boat today for a 2 hour or so Kids Trip.
I love doing these, because the kids get such a kick out of going, especially if they haven't ever been, as one 3 year year old put it one time......out in the big WaWa.

It was a short notice kind of trip. Robert just called me yesterday around 9:00am and thought we could maybe go then. But I explained to him. I'm not in my boat right now, and have plans and errands to do before the huge rush of July 4th week patrons.

So we hit it at 7:30am this morning, instead.

My plan always, when I do a kids trip is to go out the inlet, show the kids some Dolphins, birds and then hit a close shrimp boat, so they can see all the activity behind them as the drag. Especially the herds of Dolphins everywhere. Then catch a few fish......any fish.

So we go out and it's really swelly. The southside of the south jetty was pretty BIG (large seas) to anchor in and fish close up near the beach where most of the small sharks can be caught. I love to hook the kids up on some Bonnet-heads.

So we saw two shrimp boats way off to the east. So I went out to them. One was anchored up, doing nothing. And the other was heading in. Oh well, that game plan didn't work out.

So we went to go catch some fish.

I anchored up inside the jetties and pitched pieces of shrimp on jigs near the shallow rocks.
And the kids reeled in some small seabass. But getting the seabass was even hard. We were at the top of the high tide, and the Bait stealers were even hard to set a hook in.

So we moved.....but damn there was no current, and again the bait stealers that the kids like to catch one after another was tough going.

Next spot, glass minnows were everywhere up and down the bank. JACKS, I thought maybe wold be around, or even some Ladyfish. But there was none.

Bait in the water is the name of the game when doing a 2 hour trip, so I had no time to run around.

The youngest started fighting with his older brother and then the crying started as one punched another, and then it was a slow decline after that. We moved around in close proximity to the jetties more. And then the lil guy said he wanted to go. But both agreed they had fun. (yeah, until the punching started)

So we headed in.

Plus, I needed to be home early too. I had a UPS delivery coming this morning, and had to sign for the package. Which was my second Whoop-ass rod.......another G. Loomis 9' Pelagic series rod, and matching reel a Shimano Tek-500.

Remember way back many, many posts ago, when I talked about long rods being the best for (distance) float-rig fishing?? Well, the 9' G. Loomis Pelagic series is about as good as it gets. Unfortunately, this famed California Calico Bass rod was discontinued a year or so ago. Because it cost so much these days to ship 9' long rods.
My 1st one purchased came from Strike Zone, and I snatched it up as soon as I could......and it hurt. Because buying a G. Loomis Rod at retail isn't my thing. As a Pro Staff member for many, many years I get a great deal from them to have my customers using the best rods, when they fish with me.
So a 9' Pelagic series ain't cheap. Even at Strike Zone, now can you imagine I actually found a matching one at Tackle Direct. Johns at Tackle Direct who I also buy a lot from said "Dave, I have ONE, left".
I replied.....hold on to it, because I need it but need to save my pennies, first. Because I knew the "shipping cost" alone was gonna be a killer!

Rods at retail???? Holy Cow. But since I'm in love with them, and have saved thousands by using my Pro-staff account for so many years. I guess it's okay to pay retail for just these rods.

So today, UPS delivered the 9' rod and the reel for it. And now I'm so set up!

I use this rods for yanking Big Reds from under, or from around, and maybe even through pilings. Along with oversized Jacks....and big Trout too.

These rods are not FAIRY WANDS. But, 9 feet of float-rigging whoop-ass!

The tides are getting stronger this week and I hope to put them to use up river around some snaggly docks and rocks.

So as you can see, if you're reading this post and are one of the many customers that I'll have aboard in the coming days. I'm working hard to provide YOU with the best kick butt fishing tackle $$$ can buy, or your just getting lucky and choose to book a charter with someone who has a bad QUALITY ONLY tackle habit.

A rod for many purposes many work fine. But I am a tackle specific kinda guy, and use certain tackle for certain jobs.

These two 9 footers are refered to as the Whoop-ass Twins. ( yes, I even give names to my rods and reels) Hey, I have no kids. Just an old dog that answers to about anything if she can hear ya, first. So let me do my thing.......if it makes me happy.

C'mon big summer time Jacks, around crusty pilings. I have something for ya'!
It's 9 foot long, black and has gold threading, and a Shimano Tekota 500 spooled with new Berkley Super-braid!!!!!!!!!

Loads of fishing to be done starting tomarrow thru next week. Hope all goes well, between the possible thunder storms. That's why I'll be starting early and off the water early.

Remember, Sisters Creek boat ramp supposively shuts down for traffic on the 5th because of the Kingfish Karnival held there, the week after. They'll be erecting the "big top" for the 3 ringed circus.
Yep, its that time of year again!

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