Tuesday, June 5, 2007

6/5 - Float Freakin' one mo' time.......

Had Paul O. and his buddy HOSS on board today, they were from Pennsylvania comin on down to Jax. for a little R&R and fishing with the Float Freak.
I have them for two days, so today was day #1 so I figured I feel them out and see if they could "float the float", and they did. Catching 10 puppy Drum. It was all out drum fishing....they were carpeting the bottom on one of my good trout spots, just as they've been for a few trips lately.
So why not????
And the Trout have sort of slacked a bit on the spot, so the drum make for great light tackle fun. No fighting any crowds or seas, it was just what the guys were looking to do.
(maybe tomarrow I'll take them out the inlet and hook them up on something they may not want to tangle with. We'll see. EKG's please? Because now that we're finally in a summer pattern after Tropical storm Barry. Which is just what we needed to get out of that east wind pattern. With lighter SW winds in the morning, I hear bait is everywhere, sharks are prowling, big Reds are scowering the bottom, and Tarpon have been sighted!!)
They went away at the end of their trip with a giant bag of fillets. Care of my fast fish cleaning techniques at the dock.
I told them to get a good nights sleep, eat a good dinner of fish for good luck, drink plenty of fluids, and be at the dock again at 7am.
The river fishing is great. The salinity is lower, and with a good rain shower each day, river fishing will stay steady.
Not everyone is a monster fish kinda angler (I know who and who can not can handle monster fish, believe me.) and although Paul and Hoss may not be able too either, since they are fishing 2 days in a row with me. They deserve an "ass handing" experience tomarrow, before leaving to go back to Pa.
2 passengers for 2 consecutive days is a great way of doing a charter, by the way. Save some dollars by booking two days and getting to do different fishing each day. I enjoy it and if I enjoy YOU WILL TOO!
Call to reserve your private customized 2 day trip now.
Save $$$$$
Here's their recent catch pics: http://www.captdaves.com/Catch2.htm

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