Friday, June 1, 2007

JUNE 1st - Now it's really SUMMER!

C'C'mon...It's JUNE 1. Yeah, Now It's Really Summer!
Especially since today is the first day of hurricane season.
Other states probably celebrate June 1st with a Apple Harvest Parade.
But not here. We celebrate the summer season with a TAX FREE day to go buy hurricane supplies. And wonder if your home owners insurance company is gonna keep you or send you a nice letter in the mail that you've been cancelled due to "catastrophic catastrophe reduction down sizing".

Either way, here's what I did today; went to the eye doctor for the 4th time in two months, because I can't see right after wearing contact lens' for 34 years. And am attempting to see better with new glasses instead, for at least 3 months, so my eyes will return to normal. So I can get refractive surgery. I hate having to wear glasses & clip-on sunglasses! I will get the eye surgery no matter what I have to do. Then off to run some errands.....

Then I stopped by B&M bait and tackle. PEOPLE went fishing.....two friends of mine. One caught a few trout and was back early. One went and got frustrated. But while I was at the bait shop. Wade, the LOCAL bait shrimper from Yulee, brought in some of the sweetest looking NATIVE shrimp. I'm about sick of those west coast shrimp. They die easy, and just aren't as hardy and lively. These shrimp looked so sweet, I left the bait shop and went and got my boat and came back to get some of those river crickets, and went fishing. It was 1:00 pm.

I hit the river and went shopping for bites with my LOCAL shrimp.
The best source when shopping for bites is going to the fish mall.
Pilings! Pilings! Pilings! But as we all know, not every set has
the occupants we're looking for. But mine did.
And I was into TROUT.
It looked like rain the longer I fished. AND THAT'S OKAY WITH ME!
And now it's "tropical storm" number two called Barry. And it's going to dump some rain on us. Which will only do the St. Johns River some real good. It's starving for some fresh water. Which in turn makes the fishing better.
I caught during the falling tide; 10 - Speckled Trout, 1- Sheepshead, 1 baby Gag Grouper, and a few blues and ladyfish.
The largest Trout (in photo) was 20 inches. And I easily had my 5 fish limit. But I didn't take any ice, didn't plan on keeping a single fish, and released them all.
It was just nice to go out on a whim. I love living so close to the river and the bait shop.
I didn't get any whopper Trout today. I didn't go where I have been fishing with charters. I stayed closer to home. But did fish some old stand-by spots.
LOOK for the rain to make a difference "IF" they aren't blowin smoke up our transom's. 4-5" would be great. But remember, as long as south of Jacksonville gets it real good, it's about as good. Because that fresh water will flow north and give the river a sweet water boost.
I have three days Pre-Reserved next week, so I say Bring on the wet stuff!
FLOAT FREAK.....out.

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