Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7/11 - Why charters are a good idea......

Had two really nice folks on board today. Charles Taylor and his girlfriend Noreen.
Patient, conversational, and willing to learn, which made having them out a pleasure.

I very much appreciated their patience.

Because I had a wheel bearing "POP" today. All new bearings/emergency service......$381.00
C/O Wilson Trailer Repair, Mayport road. Who were just a phone call away and came and got my trailer, and fixed all 4 bearings while I was out with my charter.

Yesterday, I had a new Trailer hitch put on my truck. The old one from 1995 was completely rusted out and I was on borrowed time. New 1200 pound class hitch/installation/ removal of old one..........$360.00. C/O Cannons Welding, very fast service!!

A day of inshore fishing.......Priceless!

And unless YOU TOO want to go broke, this is why charters are a great idea. Versus buying, maintaining, insuring, storing, outfitting, and feeding a boat.

Enough said?

So once I got the trailer all taken care of and off to the trailer shop, we headed out for a day of fun in the hot sun, and 86 degree water temps, with a stiff SW breeze.

It was high tide, and for me zero has been happening till low tide. So we went hours with a cooler full of just ice, as I taught Charles & Noreen the finer points of float rig fishing the St. Johns river. Catching Ladyfish and Jacks in the Mayport area.

So after many frustrating spots, I boogied south about 15 miles. The only area I have confidence in, but proved to be a hard road to catch anything there too till low'ish tide. We couldn't even get Jacks.
But ended up with:
10-Trout (4-5 keepers)
1 - yellowmouth Trout
1 - Croaker
1 - giant Whiting...go figure.
2-Black Drum

Frustrating day from the git-go, and I forgot all about taking any pics.

No big fish........unless you want to count the serious ass-handing Charles received by what seemed like a huge Redbass, as soon as we pulled up on the first spot after our long run. But as it happened in "Newbie-dom", the hook straightened out from possible excessive pulling instead of letting the big fish just run on that small hook, I use. I've caught 20 pound plus Reds and 15 pound Tarpon, and 20 pound sharks on that same hook. But it's always tough to get these fresh water fisherman to "go lightly". That's why what I do is called Light tackle fishing, really....that's what it is.
The reason I figure is that Sweetwater species like bass and others don't really pull like a big saltwater fish. But we use even smaller hooks and lighter leaders than the sweetwater guys. So the sweetwater fisherman still pulls too hard, despite the built in handicap.

You know it's Deep Summer when those Mangrove Snappers consume 6 out of the 10 dozen shrimp you still have alive in your livewell, after the heat kills the first 2 dozen!

Next up: Friday - 3 guys I've had out several times. High tide about 10am...really looking forward to that!
Then Saturday: An ole client Chris C. by himself as a solo fisherman, and is a fisherman. Just heading out to do have some fun, and get him back in the fishing saddle once again.

I heard something about east winds this weekend, but that looks as if the weather forecasters made a mistake and now the winds supposed to be from the south.

It's about that time of year to go look back at other posts/reports I've made during the year.
The reason being is that everyone has Jacksonville inshore fishing all wrong. I know I'm busy now, and I'm telling everyone I wish I could take some of these trips and spread them out over the course of the year.
Take a look at this report from March and read what the last line of it says.......

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