Saturday, July 14, 2007

7/13 - Was it the "Friday the 13th"...superstition?

Yeah, Friday the 13th didn't start out all that bad. I had 3 guys Billy, Jason, and John that have fished with me a few times before. And they've probably never did the float-rig thang in the past. But that's what I had planned. And I came prepared after my prior trip on the 11th.

I had 12 dozen live shrimp in the well! I was ready for all bait stealers, Jacks, and Ladyfish.

So I met the guys at the boat ramp at 0630 hrs. And we made the 15 mile run up river (actual heading SW). I pulled up and dropped anchor on spot #1 and proceeded to give these Three Amigos the float-rig low down. And as it happens....I did an I.G. - (Instantaneous Gratification). I was talking along, and they said, "Dave your floats down". I looked back and yes it was. So I set the hook on a real nice 19" Speck (Trout). "Okay, that's how ya'll need to do it", I said as I readied the rest of the rods & reels.

And it didn't take long for the first hook-up. A 14" Speck (keepers are 15") Then came another, at 13", then another at 12". Then another at 14-1/2". Then a Jack or two.....WOW, I thought we might have been in the M-E-A-T. But nothing materialized!

And that's how the whole day went. Small fish or none at all. Of course every spot I went too, I'd show them where and how I wanted them to float their rig, and I'd get either bit, or catch some kind of fish. Then hand it all over to the Amigos, and nothing would happen.

We did have a nice eater-size 20" type pup Black Drum hooked up, but it was lost at the side of the boat.

Everything but the tide was in our favor. It wasn't too hot, there wasn't much wind. But we did fish a incoming tide till about 10am, and that was the problem.

Then one of the guys had a stomach problem and needed to call it quits about noon, which had us running back toward "any" boat ramp with a "facility".

They did get one 14" Yellowmouth to the boat. Some Ladyfish, Jacks and the small Specks. But the day was sort of un-eventful.

Hill's & Valley's....Hill's & Valley's.
Or was it the Friday the 13th, superstition??

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