Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7/17 - yeah...and when TUNA fly

No reports today.....but I WILL RETURN tomorrow with a report because I'm going Fishin' by me lonesome, on Wednesday!!!!!!! It's been way too long. Ya' know, R&D??

And I expect to return with a cooler full of T-rout (my nickname for T-Rex sized Specks) Wednesday is a break in the local "Karnivale le King Mackeralus" that's been going on this week . Then on the 19th, I have a check-up appointment with Dr. Schnipper. To check the ole eye balls one more time before my Lasik surgery on August 27th.

Saw this pic and thought to myself...what's that old saying, "yeah sure, when pigs fly". Well this ain't no farmers blog!!

It's all about F-I-S-H here!

So it's, "yeah sure, when Tuna's fly"

And that sure looks like a Flying Fish in the lower ones mouth. I'm no Viking, but I've seen Tuna Fly one time just like that back in my offshore fishing days, many moons ago.

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