Wednesday, July 18, 2007

7/18 - OPPS, I DID IT AGAIN....

I ran out of bait and ice. Just like the Saturday (7/14) when the Hooch & I destroyed them.
Oh well. All I can say is, the last two trips I've made were made in Fishing Heaven for this Float Freak! Ya don't get days like this in the middle of the summer all the time. And what I've done is completely change fishing attitudes. And the only reason I could do that is because of the weather.

Don't think for one second that if it wasn't perfectly calm with light S. Westerly breezes. The fish boxes would fill to the rim so easily. And all while I was doing this today, I had some dude call for a 4 passenger shark fishing trip. SHARK....??? Ain't gonna eat like these flatties from the float-rig!!!
I basically limited out on Black Drum, Specks (sea trout) and Flounder today. Not keeping them all, since they were biting so well. I certainly kept enough. 8- Flounder, 3- Specks, and 4- Drum.
Of course I was Trout fishing. But my Float-rigged live-n-snappy, native river crickets kept catching other fish too. I'll admit, I did catch a few of these on a jig-n-shrimp happy meal. The dead shrimp in the livewell always make for great jig pinned shrimp, especially for Drum. They're not a fancy fish. Not until they hit the well seasoned cast iron skillet, where they'll be blackened. That's when they get all "fancy".
So far this has been a great Drum year for me. I like these pup Drum better than Redfish, anyhow. Not as glamorous, but provide a better fillet I think.
This may be the last "digital" photo for awhile. This photo was taken by my dad who came down to the dock to see me when I got back today. The storm me and Hooch sat thru while cleaning fish at the dock on Saturday seemed to have caused a casualty, my water resistant digital camera. Now it doesn't want to work.
A blog with out photo's? That's just plain insane.
I think I'll buy a back up. Like trolling motors, ya can't just have one!

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