Monday, July 23, 2007

7/23 - When Sly met Jack and........

Had to pick up my Amelia Island customers at that Carlucci boat ramp. That place needs some bigger docks or something. There's so much 'room' unused, you'd think the facility could be much larger.
My "dad and 6 yr. old" trip quickly turned into a 2-adult, a 14 yr. old and of course Sly the 6 year old, over night. And yes at times it was pure mayhem!!!
A fish riot! A rally, what ever ya want to call it. They caught A LOT OF FISH.
Of course I have no photos to post since my camera is at the manufacture getting fixed. So until I have it back, my reports will feel and look, kinda naked.

We started out up in some shallows as the tide was still kind of high'ish when we started. But ebbing. The morning sky as the sun rose was "rose" colored. Commonly refered too as; Red sky in the morning sailor's take warning. Because the wind's gonna blow....and it did.
From the east, again. Damn an east wind really sucks. But that's why I fish inshore, because I can. 12 months a year, nearly 7 days a week, if I could.

As the tide started to fall even more and more the bites started to pick up. With some small Redfish, and Trout. Plus 2 - nice keeper Flounder. And a few LadyFish and Jacks.
But I had a BIG time in mind. A rally, a fish fest, a Brewhaha!

So we pulled up to spot #2, and the waylay commenced.

Jacks, one after another. Double hook-ups.....since I had 4 passengers but I will only let 2 floats out at a time, especially with kids. And I want the youngest to not be bored. We had just one serious "ass-hander" that Evan the 14 yr. old hooked up. But it trashed him into a set of pilings as the drag burned the spool.

Then as the tide got even lower, TROUT one after another, up to 19".
And the cooler started to look really good. And not soon after the current on this spot "timed out" and we had no more shrimp left. It was time to go clean fish, at the boat ramp dock.

John, Roger, Evan, and lil' Sly caught at least 15 Trout, inwhich half went in the fish box, along with the two Flounder.
We threw back 2- small Reds. And went through no less than 6-7 dozen live shrimp. So I figured they caught at least 40 fish.
And lil' Sly seemed really happy. He helped me clean-up by feeding the birds all the fish scraps, as I filleted the catch. A kid favorite.

It was elbow to elbow action. Just what I want when taking a small kid fishing.

Have had one late notice call after another for the remained of this week.
And had one funny call that was looking for a charter for 3 passengers, all for a 1970's the last moment! And that's what made it so funny. "Take us now, but take us for nearly nothing....." I'd take them for $200, but it wouldn't include bait, rods, reels, ice, and fish cleaning or fuel!!!!!!!
By the way....
Here's a little diddy about fishing the jetties...of course "yours truely" was there.

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