Sunday, July 22, 2007

7/22 - extreme short day

Got up at 4am. Was at the bait shop at 4:45am. Arrived at boat ramp at 5:45am.
Realized that the wind was HOWLING straight out of the east at 20 knots 5:46am!!
Sat at boat ramp talking to a friend who was heading north, but decided to try that another day.
Saw many a boat come rambling into the boat ramp "looking" as if they had big-time offshore plans......I certainly hope they didn't.
I wanted to turn east at the boat ramp also, but I knew it would make no sense to do so.
Instead, I turned west. And it was a good thing.
I anchored up on a spot not far away, pitched out a float-rig and had instant Jacks. One after another. And then for some reason my float made it thru them and up under a dock. And as soon as I got under there, the float went down.

Wow, what a good battle pulling the fish out of some serious structure. And after a few minutes of give and take on that tiny #8 hook and 15# leader up pops a nice Redfish.
A perfect 27 inches and 7 pounds. (no photo....remember my water proof camera got wet and died on me?) So I quickly released the fish. Since I'm not a huge "Redfish on the barbie" fan.

So off I went in pursuit of a Trout or Flounder real close. Hit spot #2 and caught more Jacks. The reason I was there, Flounder!

I said to myself....."self, that spot right there sure looks good. And with all the Mullet flipping around in there, I bet there's a big Flounder just laying in wait for a easy meal." And I was DEAD RIGHT!

Except the BIG Flounder that I caught was, 8 inches!!!!!!
Hey, at least I knew there was one there.
Kept trying and trying.....just more Jacks and mini Mangroves.

And then the Northern sky looked bad...REALLY BAD. (this photo is from another storm at the jetties last year...but it looked very much like this, but worse because it had more lightning today.)
Either way, I wasn't all that happy with today's weather so I burned water heading back to the boat ramp. I was gettin' outa Dodge!
It was just 9:15 when I pulled into my driveway, but felt much later. I don't know if the storm ever hit the river or not, but since I live really close to the river/intra-coastal intersection I could hear the booming, but never recieved an ass handing at my house from any storm.
I did learn where I'm taking my 6 year old and his dad tomorrow morning. Where I've taken many kids before. WHERE THE NON-STOP-ACTION-IS.
The boys name I'm taking Monday morning is "Sly"...and I'm gonna introduce him to "Jack!"

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