Sunday, July 29, 2007

7/28 - When Mother Nature fights back.

The funny thing about fishing is that not a single day can be like another.
Today was about as different as yesterday as it could be. It wasn't like the weather was all that dramatically different. Just the entire "flavor" of the day......and that's when it feels like Mother Nature is fighting back.

Had Kirk J and his 17 yr. old daughter on the boat today. And thank goodness it wasn't more people! Because 2 was enough when things aren't working out as planned.

My plans?

Flounder, just like yesterday. These fish are big, bad and thick! And sometimes easy to catch, and sometimes not.
Today was a NOT! Never caught a one. Had about every problem under the sun fishing where I've been for them, due to a hard west wind whipping the boat all over the place. West wind against an incoming tide. Just enough wind to mess up the delicate precision of dabbing the area with the float-rig for the Flounder.

I tryed and tryed till frustration took over. And we left for a boat ride to another area far away, so to get away from all the willy weekender boat traffic.

Caught some fish at the next spot but they were all small except for the TEASE fish, a 18" Speck, and a pup drum. Small Croakers, Yellow mouth Trout and small Specks, one after another. And the live shrimp in the well was disappearing FAST. So we left.
It was HOT. The coastal wind didn't reach this far up river. There was zero breeze, not much current and it was smoldering!

When all else fails, I like to go look for some line pullers........JACKS. About gave up on any decent size Trout, or Flounder at this point. So, I went to an area that usually has them. But all we did was get waked and there was so much boat traffic. Like I-95 it was horrific!!!!
Damn weekends SUCK! (as if that's a mystery)
I guess I'll have to go back to getting completely away from the St. Johns River area again. No matter what. Boat traffic and fishing does not go hand in hand.

So we left for Jack spot#2. No boats were around, and they were there. All ya wanted, decent size ones and small ones. But at least my two anglers were getting action and Caitlin was having fun having her float go down immediately with some pulling type fish. The Jacks ran from small 1/2 pounders to 5 pounders.

Dark clouds started to loom overhead, so we headed back. And I cleaned two 12" Mangrove Snappers and a 18" Trout for them. A far cray from just 24 hrs before. But Kirk and Caitlin had a good time going on the adventure. And learned a lot. I was glad to pull it out in the end.

I'm glad we finished up when we did. Those clouds turned into a LIGHTNING STORM from hell and back, and did it rain hard. All this happened as I was backing the boat into it's garage, just minutes after leaving the boat ramp.

At least I avoided that possible disaster! Perfect timing.
Here's Kirk's take on things...he sent me this article he wrote:
Next up: Monday 2 passengers at 0630 hrs. My favorite time on my favorite of all fishing days.
The whole place to myself...and no wakes.

To tell ya the truth, I'm tired of Summer already. And am looking forward to when it's cooler. The change in season is what I love.

Summer maybe when the kids are out of school, and everyone is on vacations, frolicking in the surf and hot sand. But I just got done looking at the "ARCHIVES" of reports I have here, and some of the great days I had, when it wasn't tourist or vacation season. Pretty Sweet....Dang, it's HOT outside, ain't it? Yep, that's why I can't wait for November....ahhhhh.

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