Thursday, July 5, 2007

7/5 - The day after......a good rest.

Had Dr. Jim and son-in-laws Mike and Scott aboard today.....Boys day out.
Jim was a fisherman, but Mike & Scott were admittedly "clean-slaters". A new term we coined today. Meaning, "I have not a single idea of what I'm supposed to do".
And that's a GOOD THANG! Why? Because I have that clean slate to work with, rather than some possible bad habits, like setting the hook like Bill Dance, and ripping the fish from the water like a Tournament Bass Fisherman.
And as you can see, "my Guys" caught them some FISHEZ. We really good time.
It was over cast again this morning, as big dark clouds passed by. But we stayed dry, as the guys started to catch some Trout in between Ladyfish attacks and bait snatching by those lil' bastard Mangrove snappers and small Jacks. Then as the brief window of falling tide we had slacked up, I decided to move toward the bank and anchor up in 3.5 feet of water and cast their lines up shallow. The float rigs barely drifted away with the last of the falling tide current. And that's when Scott set the hook on a nice fat 25" Redbass. From clean-slater to Mr. Angler, I think Scott was quickly thrown into that Angler status as line peeled off his reel. Great fish!! And then we moved on, but not after a few more pitches up into the shallows. Where their lively river shrimp attacked from below and sent snapping across the surface of the water, while attached by the leash we call a leader under their float rig. It's just too cool to watch that live river cricket get all nerves. And see those boils as the Trout misses the bait. "How does a Trout not catch a live shrimp, on a leash in 3 feet of water??
We moved on to the next spot, and got into ravenous monster Ladyfish, a few Mangrove Snappers and more Trout. Then we got rained on. But it didn't last all that long.
Hope to have Jim and the guys back again someday.
Friday, it's Mike from Georgia. A man who's wanting to check out what PLATE ALLOY is all about, aboard my Black Lab Marine Plate Alloy 26 footer. So he figured what's a better way than fishing on one.
And the falling tide in the morning will run for awhile longer. Which is a good thing.
So stayed tuned......Float Freak over and out.

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