Tuesday, July 3, 2007

7/3 - absolutely wonderful weather!

Wow, what a great day! It was overcast, then drizzling, then complete down pours, throw in some serious wind, add then add in more rain...
It was GREAT!
Here's the facts:
07/03 - 11:54 am wind direction: ENE @
18.1 knots sustained, 29.9 knot gusts.
I easily can go straight to my fishing report page and then to my National weather Service link and then scroll down and see hour by hour stats.
And man did it feel ever bit of "almost Gale Force winds".
But, I had some serious Troopers on board today. Mack, J.T. & Pete.
That's J.T. and Pete holding their Trout. Largest was 22 inches. From a place where the action was getting good with some Jacks, Mangrove snapper, Ladyfish and Trout as those asshole Coasties came by and ran us out of a great trout spot. This is getting to be a bit much.
The dock where we were fishing has a sign, and it says; "stay back 50 feet". But it's a private dock, has nothing to do with the feds. "WE", us Float-riggers fish it all the time. And even the guys who work there never say LEAVE. It's a place where a lot of Trout fisherman fish.
But the coasties make up the rules, as they go along. As Pete was reeling in his nice fat Trout, they hailed us on the load speaker and said we had to be 100 yards from the dock, and since a ship was coming had to leave. Then sped off straight between the docking ship and the dock (dangerous) and then ran close to the bank, through the Manatee Zone! (You try that!)
Every single day I'm battling to fish the places I've fished my whole life. Because I'm a Terrorism Suspect. I yelled to the "PUNK" sitting at the .50 caliber machine gun on the bow of the Coastie boat, as if he's ready to shoot us, "Yeah, I guess it's a bad day to try and make a living in this town." which is nothing but the truth, anymore.
Remember this: YOUR Freedom was LOST on 9/11, by the overboard "knee jerk reaction" of the US government. Not terrorism, but by your government.
And that was about it. No where else was productive, no where else was it not almost blowing a gale. The weather was getting worse, not better. We did experiment along an area and caught micro yellowmouth Trout in the driving rain. And tried a few other spots and picked off one small Puppy Black Drum.
But my guy's stayed into it. A lot longer than most other people would have.
We fished an incoming tide with help from a N.E. blowing wind that sent the tide higher and higher. Which made the fishing harder and harder.
I hope to have these guys out again, because they were really into it. But we had the cards stacked against us. By the weather and our own government agencies........"the land of the free".......LOL!!!!
I bet out in Louisiana the Coasties don't run ever fisherman away from every oil or gas rig. If they did they'd need more recruits. Because that's where they fish out there. The rigs are privately owned, and the companies don't mind.
JUST LIKE WHERE WE WERE FISHING TODAY. SO WHY DO THEY KEEP MESSING WITH US? It really makes someone like me despise the federal government even more than I already do. I'm a free bird, and do not like answering to anyone that's why I am a law abiding self employed small businessman, struggling to make a living while paying my taxes.

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