Monday, August 13, 2007

8/13 - 10 doz. shrimp - 3 fish in the box

Had Bill Massey and his Nephew Micheal aboard today. Nice Monday, that's for sure. Hot, yes. And there certainly isn't anything I can do about that. The water temp in the river sure is Hot too. I fished from 83 to 86 degree water on the surface. But of course it isn't as HOT down below.
It's that time again in the river.....where everywhere you practically fish is over run with Mangrove Snappers. I wouldn't mind if they were 2 pounds a piece. But the majority are 4-10 inches, and specialize in stealing your bait. Kind of like the mini Bluefish in the spring time, except the blues just bite off your hook. (there's always some undesirable out there)

I worked really hard today to keep the action flowing. Incoming tide till almost noon where I was fishing. My first spot really let me down. A spot where I've been challenging my crew with some serious drag burners, either Reds or good size Jacks. We lost a few baits, and caught a small Jack. But not what I had planned. So off we went to the land of Mangrove Snappers, but wanting a Speckled Trout or two. In between the "mango" bites Micheal got the only Speck, off the spot. As the "snappers" wreaked havoc on our live well population of very spunky shrimp. (meaning eating a lot with just a few hook-ups, and the ones caught were small)

Uncle Bill is the experienced fisherman, Micheal is "self admittedly" not. And when it came to the Trout, good sized Jacks, and big Redfish. Mike was what I called by days end. "The Blind Squirrel." Because even a Blind Squirrel finds an acorn every so often. And with as much coaching as I could muster, by days end I think he had a great appreciation for what it takes to intentionally catch good fish.

So we ended up with a 17" Speck, lots of Jacks up to 7 pounds, many juvenile Mangrove Snappers, juvenile Gag Groupers, an 18" Redfish and a 27" Redfish.

It was sort of a tough day for me, because this time of year not many quality fish come super easy. The more skills you have the easier it is to catch them in the summer doldrums. And the more challenged you will be, as a beginner fisherman. It's just the way it is.

But with my help Micheal our "blind squirrel" of the day, put fish in the fish box.

Next up: Wednesday 2- kids and two adults. I think Nassau Sound and some Whiting, Jacks and Ladyfish and more, will be in order. I'm a bit frazzled, and frustrated with August's river fishing. So this maybe the salvation I and the kids need.

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