Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8/15 - Jr. Anglers Day

Had Gene Bednarek his son Jackson and his buddy Avery. The two boys were each about 8 years old, and at 6:30am promptly jumped on the boat and we headed north to the "sound". It was a nice ride. I went to where the beach along Big Talbot island runs straight into the sound. The same place where on the 8th we hooked up a Tarpon while Whiting fishing.

First hook-up: A Ray, that Avery and I battled to the boat. (My assistance was needed)

The second fish was a decent Whiting, a keeper Pompano and a few Ladyfish hook-ups. But I was disappointed already with the action, wondering where were the bites? So we moved around, as you must do in the Sound.

We picked a fish here and there. Catching some
small Pompano and a nice sized Bonnethead
Shark. But man, where was the Nassau Sound

I know and love?

Ohhhhhhh.....I forgot, it's the summer doldrums!

Where 87 degree water is the rule. So all I could do was keeping making some moves.
I wanted "beach" Whiting for the boys in big
numbers, those larger
"silvers" if I could. Not those 5" "boat" Whiting, that I call "lil' Brownies.
So I'll give myself an 'A' for trying and trying!
I moved around and kept searching.

We eventually ended up at the tip of Amelia Island. My "beach Trout spot", and pitched out our cut pieces of shrimp and caught some Spadefish, but just one big one. The rest were small, the size of a bluegill. And the bait stealing from whatever was relentless!

Avery was our "green" fisherman, only
participating in maybe 1/2 the day.
The rest of the time he was either slumped
over a cooler or sleeping.
So that meant Jackson got to catch the
fish, which was probably okay with him.
He's truly a good Jr. Angler and will get even
better as he gets older and more patient.
He has some experience and can handle a
rod & reel, good.

Everyone was hot and bothered...I was just frustrated. So we ended the day pulling up to the beach at Big Talbot and Gene and the boys swam around to cool off in the bath water, before the ride back to the boat ramp.
They went home with a meal or two.
The big Spadefish provided two nice fillets,
along with a few larger Whiting and one
12" Pompano.

I was hoping the "sound" would produce
some serious action, because on Friday I have another 10 year old. Guess, I'll stay in the river.

Action, that's all I want lots of when I have the Jr. Anglers aboard. It keeps them busy, interested and accomplishing something. But at the same time I'd like to keep it where they learn and feel challenged a little bit.......that's my only goal when taking the kids. And having that happen keeps me and dad's happy too.

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