Monday, September 10, 2007

9/10 - 1/2 and 1/2

Had Chris Justice and his father in-law Ken aboard today. Visiting from Georgia, at Amelia Island.........BUT fishing with the "Float Freak" out of Mayport!
Chris was a "BOAT" guy, and we had a good time talking about my Plate Alloy Fishing Machine.

So we left at high tide Mayport time. And attempted to float-rig for Trout up and down the river but only ended up with three. 2- 3 pounders, and one smaller one. Loosing a few fish along the way, and feeding the Croakers, Lizardfish, Mangrove Snappers, & Ladyfish. I didn't want to give up. I wanted these fellas to get some serious Trout. But as the tide turned to falling, I just could tell, it wasn't gonna happen.

Good thing I netted up and bunch of big Mullet at the boat ramp and dumped them on some ice, to be used for cut bait bottom fishing, if all else failed.

Ya' know I'm seriously "gun-shy" when it comes to serious bottom dropping when the water temps still 85 degrees, because I hate catching stingrays between the Redfish bite or two.

So I wrapped up the float-rig rods, and out came the G. Loomis back Bounce rods and my mini twin drag Accurate reels. Not the big ones I have, but rather the ones I call my "LT" bottom tackle, "LT" for light tackle. But capable of handling some seriously huge fish.

I cut the mullet into chunks, pinned to a small circle and we pitched back to an area I've always wanted to drop a heavy lead. So this was the first time I ever really fished this way at this spot. That's hard to believe, there's actually a spot where I haven't tried. A new "spot" to me can be right next to another "spot", I fish all the time. The break down is that close, in my mind.

We ended up with a 10 and 16 pound Redbass right away, and loosing one to those expensive Daichi brand hooks, because it broke right at the barb. And after we pulled the hook out of the 1o pound Red we found that this fish was caught on a broke Daichi hook, too! Holy Crap. $5.00 for 5 - 4/0 circle hooks, makes these some mighty expensive hooks to break. Hell with that Daichi bullshit! So I went back to good ole Eagle Claws, and my favorite's, VMC circle hooks.

(we did catch just one sting ray...only 1)

We were "light tackling" these fish with small hooks light leaders in a deep hole next to underwater ledges, and submerged rocks. The last thing I wanted was my damn hooks breaking!

We put in a lot of hours today, but it was worth it. Chris and Ken had fun, learned a lot. And had 2- gallon baggies of fish to take back to the condo for dinner
with the two Mrs. Fried Trout & Blackened Redbass.....C'C'mon!

Go see the rest of the photos from today at my Recent catch page #5, using this link below:

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