Saturday, September 8, 2007

9/8 - NEWS

2- trip OFFER:
Reserve two days of fishing in advance with deposits (for 2-3 anglers only) and receive $50.00 off your second day. The days reserved must be used prior to Nov. 17th, 2007. Go one one, give the other as a Gift to someone, and you get to go again!

Persons wanting to split a charter with another. I commonly have people retired or semi retired who have a relatively open schedule, and would like to split a charter with someone of the same. Basic cost: is about $200 for a regular day, 6 hrs of light tackle fishing. E-mail me at: or just call: 904-642-9546, if you are one of these people. And would find it easier to enjoy a day's adventure while sharing the expense with someone. I'm keeping a list.

There's fish where the F-O-O-D is:
As you may or may not know, the shrimp are way down the river. I'm talking Ortega River area all the way to Palatka! The shrimp are "Thick", and so are the fish. (Trout #1, Redfish, Drum, Yellowmouths, Croakers, etc.)

I'd like to do some charters down that way, although not my "home turf", I've fished there before and had some really great trips. But, it takes some travelling on my part....and that just means time.

-Departing boat ramps:

Lion Club Boat Ramp, top of University Blvd North. Easiest area to get too is the Ortega river area for me.

Goodbys Lake boat ramp, San Jose Blvd across from Hooters. Easiest to get to Buchman Bridge, Doctors Lake Inlet, for me.
Mandarin Park Boat Ramp, in Julington Creek. Further away for me for sure, but ya never know.......

the faux pau....We must have a decent tide to work with. Slow tides means no water movement "up" river. So it's essential to plan these days, and consult the old tide book.
Live bait, "shrimp" must be caught first. And there's some popular areas to do so. Then the fishing commences afterwards. Catching your own shrimp, "matches the hatch", a Ye Ole term for using indigenous baits for the area. And these shrimp are accustomed to the waters salinity which is very low up river. Which is something we do not have in the Mayport area.

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