Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9/12 - Clearing out some tackle.....

If you don't know or not, I used to have a complete tackle shop full of all kinds of "LOCALLY USED" tackle items for sale. My tackle shop page is still on my web site, but right now I just have my DVD's and VHS fishing tapes on it. I had the whole Kazoo....I had where you could order items, put them in your shopping cart and buy them. Just like any "on-line" store.

Well, I still have some things like JIGS, that are left over from back in those days. I've had a few sales here and there, and still have stuff left over.

I was in the jig business way before any of these other dudes were. Before the TBS, Lip Rippers, or Sure Catch.

I kept "tweeking" mine and by the time that sales were good, I had to get a commercially jig/sinker man to make them in massive bulk for me. I have some of that BULK left over and am willing to make some serious deals with someone who could use them. I'm not giving these away. But at the same time, as before on my tackle shop, I didn't deal in those 2 or 5 packs!

I deal in quantity.

Tell me of any person going fishing at the jetties, jigging for Sheepshead that uses 3 jigs?

Now, ya get the picture. Hell, on charters when jigging the jetties for "whatever", with three passengers aboard, I'd burn through 15-30 jigs easily. (remember, those rocks out there are hungry too)

I have unpainted Banana-heads just like these pictured in 1/4 oz with a stout bronze hook, 50 for $12.50

And I also have unpainted Banana-heads like the ones pictured but with a Mustad Black Chrome ULTRA-POINT hook in 1/8th oz. 25 for 12.50

These Banana-heads work great in about any location. They're weight forward type jigs. And I used them with super braid line, because they have a heavier hook. Remember, match your line to your hooks!

These are "Live Bait" jigs. Hence they have no barb/collar for soft plastics. And are fine wire Aberdeen hooks. Good for using 8-15 pound monofilament line. They work best when not using no stretch lines.
But at the jetties, in my videos... these were my go to Jigs.
They are about 3/8th's of an ounce, but believe me with out a heavy hook they fish just like a 1/4 oz jig.

Cabelas sells these.......(that's where I stole the picture from) for about $4.00 for 25, I'll do one better and sell the lot of them that I have for: $10.00 for 100!!!

You can either give me a call or e-mail me. Come on by, or I can meet ya' or mail them (with shipping included) I can do Paypal also, which is really easy.

I think you can look around a lot, but if your looking to go "burn" some lead at the rocks this fall and winter hunting those 7- striped jetty snappers, you'll be glad you stocked up, CHEAPLY!

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