Sunday, November 4, 2007

11/4 - 2nd day after the BIG BLOW

So was it worth it?

To have that amount of wind during the week to have the wind back off and be back to beautiful skies on the weekend?

Depends on who your talking to, really. Because I was hoping for great weather when Kathy & Rick were here on Thursday and Friday.

But I sure did like the air temp today....we all were wearing our Foul Weather skivvies this morning. The girls came prepared, I liked that. And I enjoyed taking them.
I love this time of year! And could go without July and August altogether.

So today, it was Natalie and Shannon. And since I just did a brief talk on the big Reds, Thursday night and neither one of them had caught an extreme puller like them, we hit the river looking to pick a fight. Tried two spots and didn't have a sniff, soaking big pieces of cut bait in the current along so BIG rocks under water. I was wondering if they headed for the offshore waters yet, or maybe since the weather came through, it changed up the pattern I had found. Well, something happened....and that bait-n wait fishing was killing me.

So I bagged that and headed to an I.G. spot for the girls. And it was I.G. alright, instant-gratification. Because when I did a survey drift on the float-rig, I hooked the first Speck of the day. And then they were into fish for awhile, till the tide died out. Mango's and Croaker bites too with a jumbo Croaker on the float-rig...dang thing pulled like a Redbass.

I shouldn't have done any bottom fishing for the
Reds, since that was a waste of time. But that's the price ya pay to hunt for a really big fish. They really weren't worried about keeping any fish, but you know me, I like some stink in the box. And don't feel complete unless the box smells of Trout!

Man, was it a Zoo of Humanity as the day went on. Looks like I have to remind myself to cut and run north, to no man's land on days like this. I still have to get my ass back up to 'gator creek. Where the oyster beds are the size of trucks. There has to be some good fish up there now. And you can fish all day and never see a but a soul or two minding their own bees wax, unlike the mobs of coasties and every other law enforcement patrol on Earth, around Mayport.

Been thinking about Hilton Head S.C. and how I'd like to try my hand up there. Same terrain, no commercial ships/tugs, and no military!! The extreme affluent don't want to see tanker ships and hear incessant helicopter noise pollution near their pristine island paradise. Even though I couldn't live near their paradise......I'd sure love to fish it. Or as I always say but never do, "I just need to go north more."

Think Nick and I will go try it tomorrow, again. R&D, or more like Dave get's some fresh fishez in his fridge, for a change. Then, into the frying pan!

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