Friday, November 2, 2007

Nov. first, later that the JOSFC

I got a call on Wednesday from Lee from the Jacksonville Offshore Sportfishing Club, and he asked would I come on out to the club house at the Mayport Boat ramp to do an "impromptu" discussion on catching the big bull Reds, that are in the river this time of year.

As an old member for many year as a board of director, and supporter of the J.O.S.F.C, I was glad too. The club is where I have some of the longest lasting friends. Back in my day, I was membership director. That's where you really get to know folks, then I did the fishing committee with help of a good friend that's no longer with us, the ole "Croaker-Toter" him self Capt. Joe Caramelli. That job was really fun. Planning tournaments, and giving weekly reports and handing out prizes.

I owe a lot to the JOSFC. It's where I learned much of what I know today, and have many fond memories. I'm just not active in the club now, because my focus is on fishing the river and inlet. And I can't tell you when the last time I was "offshore", more than 3 miles. I admit, I wasn't the greatest offshore fisherman in the world. I had my success' and my failures. But I did it all with friends I made in the JOSFC. Exposure counts.

I got to talk with some ole friends last night and even sat across from Ms. Big Bobberz T-shirts herself, Trina. Wishing I only introduced myself I have seen her photos in Gaff Magazine, and on her apparel web site. Because red heads, always get my attention.

My short discussion I did was about fishing for the big Bull Reds in shallower water than what is led to believe is necessary. And how so far this year, BIG Bull Reds have been mostly 20-25 pound fish, rather than 30-40 pound fish.....for me. Using hand caught Croakers for cut bait, rather than the expensive and easily washed out in the current, Blue crabs. And lightening up on tackle when in shallower 15-20 feet of water, for added fun. Instead of the "big guns" needed for fishing the channel edges, mostly because of the weight needed to get your bait to hold in 40-50 foot of water, and a ripping falling tide. It was the best I could do, on short notice.

The JOSFC is a great organization of various people in which to learn from and become friends with. If you want more information about the club, I highly recommend attending a few meeting, that are open to the public. For more info visit their web site at:

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