Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12/19 - Changes and explosion

Made some slight changes to

From my web site's home page this report blog can now be directly accessed, by clicking on the BLUE button.....FISHING REPORT.

Believe it or not! I have people who couldn't find the Fishing report, the old way. Which was a report page with a link to the blog. (???)

Lost was my dissertation, about how TIDES are important to you, even if you have not a clue about them. I'm not going to worry about it, no one ever read that anyways.

And so was the WEATHER LINK to the Mayport boat ramp area. But since I look at that myself daily, it's now on my INSHORE-COASTAL TRIP page.

And look at this weather today? Holy smokes, 3 knots of West Nor-west wind? Beautiful sunny day. And of course, no one can go today. I'll go tomarrow after a very early Dr.'s appointment I can't to follow. So stand by.

Conditions right now at 9:11am:

Wind Direction (WDIR):
WNW ( 300 deg true )

Wind Speed (WSPD):
2.9 kts

Atmospheric Pressure (PRES):
30.27 in

Air Temperature (ATMP):
52.5 °F

Wind Chill (CHILL):
52.2 °F

Still a tad chilly for my liking, but I got some maintenance I need to do here at the 'Rancho Deluxe', Fish Camp.

Plus, I need a heavier duty jetty/all pupose anchor. It's when the winds are 15 kts. or better. I'm gonna try and have been R&D'ing this anchor :

Next days up to bat will be:
21st, 22nd and maybe the 23rd, then the 26th, 28th, and 31st.
Finally....gettin busy!

-Will it be sunny, warm with no wind? What does history tell me? Because they've been planned for awhile. But I hope it will be.

Not a single call for a Gift Certificate this year, really shows me what kind of "economic times" we're having in this country right now. It's okay, I usually give them a discount, and then they hold the certificate for almost a year and wanna use it on July 4th, anyhow! So maybe that's a good thing.
-non fishing related unless you were in a few of my "Trout drops" over there.....

Huge explosion today at 1:30pm over near the Jax Electrical Authority plant. Not sure as of yet was the cause but it shook windows and rattled houses along the north bank to even in my area, the south bank of the river miles away.

This photo was taken from atop the Wonderwood Bridge.

It'll be on the local news, I'm sure.

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