Sunday, December 2, 2007

12/2 - It was S-W-E-L-L

Headed out again solo after some getting a few calls, that of course they never panned out. I just don't get it, why call me if you don't want to go out and have a lot of FUN.

So I did without them.

There was a monster swell at the jetties today. Why I couldn't figure. The tide wasn't strong at all. We didn't even have a 4 foot tide. But around the jetties the water movement was huge.

Especially noticeable at the tips of the jetty rocks. Swells 6 foot and maybe larger crashed on the rocks. Especially on the incoming tide. It was "kawagunga dude" where I fished. I certainly wouldn't have been where I was if I had people on board I'm sure. I sat in an area today that was for the well seasoned jetty fisherman. But it had clear water. And of course there was plenty of fish there if you could stay on two feet while fishing. I had some come around the rocks, but didn't have anyone anchor up near me. So being the fishing snob I am, I was glad they didn't have the "sand" to join me.

On my second cast of a jig-n-shrimp up to the rocks I had this pretty multi-spotted 28" Redfish.
Yes, I threw jigs most of the day. I was hoping to do some float-rig fishing on the incoming, but the crowds were out in force, this morning, so I stayed on the jig most of the morning.

I also got to try out a new anchor, and it was a good day for it. I usually use my own Jettywolf Anchor's. Just a jetty style anchor with tines, but my designs are so much better than those bait shop rebar ones. But in the rough water, when I need to anchor in sand, the ole JettyWolf anchor just won't hold well. So I bought one of those collapsible "reef"anchors. It looks like one of those anchors a kayaker would use. The difference is theirs is light weight, and mine weighs in at 12 pounds. Add 8 foot of chain that comes in at 12 pounds too. And I have a nice anchor to hold in the soft bottom, that I can carry and won't take up a bunch of room in my boat.

I fished where I did, starting at low tide, because there's been some Drum in the area. And I didn't want to bottom fish (bait-n-wait) so jigging on light tackle (L.T.) was what I had in mind for the Drum. The swell surely had to be tough on the fishing, since after the first Redfish on my 2nd cast it took quite a while to score a drum, but I did. I caught 4 of them. Two were worth boxing, and two were too small to be worth it.

I know the photo of the seas certainly don't do it justice, but it was tough fishing, standing, and jigging where I was. But it was a whole lot better since I was alone and I wasn't being waked every two minutes. The sets of swells would almost come in on a predictable pattern. If I could have had customers out there, they would had to be experienced and had some serious sea-legs on.

I sound like a broke record, I'm sure. But I have the boat to be able to do what I do. I was safe, comfortable and dry as a bone as I sat in the back wash of the huge walls of water crashing on the jetty rocks. You know your in love with your boat when on every trip, your re-confirmed that it was a great decision to have it built.

I continued catching Reds rather than more Black Drum. I've done this before, wishing each Redfish was a Drum. After the first Red, I really have no use for them. I wanted fish for the box.

I caught a few big fat Yellowmouth Trout, on a jig with a spinner on the bottom. It sinks slower, and I really jig it after I cast up to the rocks so the spinner blade flutters, and with a live shrimp pinned to the hook, it's a definite a Trout catcher. But I caught Reds on it, too.

As the tide changed I did move on to explore the rest of the rocks. So I hit the south Jetty, and of course it had people all over it. But I shmoozed on in to a decent spot. The water was really sandy, and there wasn't any decent current. But I did make 6 casts with the float-rig and came up with 2- Speckled Trout, and a small pup Redfish.

Then, disgusted with dirty water and no current I moved on. It's really funny how some people camp out on a spot. I guess it's in hope that something will come their way. Personally, I have found especially on the float-rig, if there's active fish in the area, they'll make their presence know right quick. I have a saying when I have customers on-board, and they're fishing the float. If they each make 5 drifts on a spot, that's 10-15 drifts through an area. If we don't get bit by then, there's no fish on this spot. And hell, if I'm waiting around for the bite to magically turn on. Many times, if there's a big trout on the spot, we'll catch them on the 1st drift. It's like clock work, and happens every time. It's the nature of the presentation. It gets their attention, quickly.

I caught a few small trout up along the navy base and was waked by boaters that can't even give ya' a 100 yard berth. I'm anchored 20 feet from the bank and had people zooming by 50 feet from me, when they have the whole river. And are supposed to utilize the CHANNEL. Yes, the channel......If ya don't believe me, just ask the USCG. I don't always agree with that either, but when underway from one place to another in navigable waters, your supposed to be in the marked channel. But we all know there's nit-wits out there on weekends that haven't a clue of the "rules of the road", or common courtesy.

So I went back to the only spot where I had some peace and quiet......alone with the giant swells that now rolled in with the incoming tide.

And continued to catch more Reds.
I ended up with 12 Reds, one was a slot size, and I put it in the fish box. two were small, and the rest were too big, up to 31 inches.
I had the 4 Black Drum, kept two. and had 4 Specks, two I kept, and a few Yellowmouths.

I took 6 dozen live shrimp and still had some left in the live well, when I packed it in and headed for home.

Overall it was a decent day. I could stand a Monday like this a whole lot easier, but heck ya have to soak up the 80 degree December days when ya get them, huh?

I certainly am not gonna feel bad when I have someone booked for a trip if they are local, and it's 40 degrees all day long. Because they certainly had their chance at fishing in the warmth lately.

Overall, you cannot not miss if you go to the big rocks, right now. Tis' the season, for the jetties. But I miss the river, too. Since ever day I've been to the inlet lately, it's been rough. Today was kinda tough on the body. As I sit here now, I still feel the ocean moving.

Next up for me is a Wednesday trip, with one guy. It's guaranteed to be cold and maybe windy. Because he missed a dead calm weekday "window", last Thursday.

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