Sunday, January 6, 2008

01/6/08 - A GLORIOUS DAY!

Okay......I'll admit, I went out on Saturday by myself and didn't do a Blog report.
ecause it was cold, and I had a lot of just plain "funk" all over me. I left out too late, it was cold as all get out on the river, it was windy, and all I caught was a bunch of 14-3/4 inch Trout and one small Sheepshead. It was basically the first day after the gale force winds, and freezing cold we got slammed with. But I just had to go. And nothing was worth discussing here.

So today was a day I had planned with Kirk M. to fish, since we were actually scheduled to go on that first day of sub zero temps. And I told Kirk.....I don't think it'll happen. Even though we have fished together in 20-25 knot winds in 30 degrees before and caught a load of Reds in Dec.

Kirk is local #1, and he's a good angler #2, and he does a charter right #3. What do I mean by does it right? He wants "one on one" guided fishing trips. Kinda the way I always envisioned this business would be. Ya know, like a Fly fishing flats guide in the keys. But what are a lot of the calls I get? Well, I had one call today for 12 people, and another for 4 passengers offshore.

I don't have a boat the size of the Queen Mary, and secondly......I don't fish offshore! I inshore fishing, period.

And here's good reason:

Kirk & I caught fish, after fish. 2.5 miles from the boat ramp where we left from. Bait was in the water 90% of the time. And we fished a whopping two areas and came back with limits of Speckled Trout to 7 pounds, Yellowmouth Trout, 3-Black Drum to 6 pounds and 2-Sheepshead to 6 pounds. ON LIGHT TACKLE.

We had so much fun that in another country it might be illegal.
NO LONG runs to a distant land. Real easy to make a pit stop,
and I even had too. So we ran back and I visited Mayport Marine's
facilities, next door to the boat ramp. And then we soft peddled our way right on back out to the inlet.

This is what I live for. And this is the way it always seems to be when Kirk's out with me. We have great days together.

Live shrimp and a Float-rig, Trout and Sheepshead. And the action was constant as long as the tide was moving. Then, we finished
up the shrimp on 3 - Black Drum.

We even got one of those "us" in the boat photos.

Here's my "redemption" from a bad day on Saturday.
My 7 pound, 26" Speck!

I think this is the most pictures I've tried to jam on to this
If you're gonna let the good weather report this week
pass you by......oh well. But if you want to go out and give
this a try.

Remember.....I always believe in Photos say a thousand words. If it's happening, you'll SEE it here.

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