Friday, January 4, 2008

1/4/08 - Cramping my style

I'm never prepared for this. Especially mentally. And it's a sure sign, "I'm getting older".


Wind Direction (WDIR):
NE ( 40 deg true )

Wind Speed (WSPD):
15.0 kts

Atmospheric Pressure (PRES):
30.67 in

Air Temperature (ATMP):
49.6 °F

Wind Chill (CHILL):
43.7 °F

I want to go fishing. Hell, I have shrimp in my live well covered up with a blanket and the well sitting on a heating pad jacked up to maximum warp heat. But, can I muster the strength. Knowing all too well that the wind speed is 15 knots, but in reality more like 20 knots when I get out there. (something ya learn as you get older and wiser)

I'd go out and fool around, if the wind would die off. I bet it can cut ya like a fillet knife. Especially, when you're not used to such cold.

I don't mind the cold that much and can dress for it. But that wind is making me very apprehensive.

Here's a few pics of last year in late January and in February, when I was told I looked like "Yukon Cornelius" on vacation!

It was bone chilling this day too. But ZERO wind!

I have a charter on Sunday. The weather guessers say by this weekend, it should be bearable. I'll have Kirk M. with me....
Mr. N. Dakota.

He's obviously immune to all chill. But then again, I'm sitting here right now and freezing behind my desk! The heat in the house is running and just won't stop. I live in an ole Florida house, not really good for anything less that 40 degrees.
Unless I spent several thousand dollars in upgrading it. IE: insulation, windows, doors etc.

And the friends I have that live up in Mass. and Maine can't believe Floridians get "cabin fever", but I can tell ya that the first signs of it are coming.

Fever or not, I'm getting e-mail after e-mail for charters. Or "tire kickers" as I refer to them as. From all over, but I only take seriously, PHONE CALLS!

Most E-mailers, I never hear hide nor hair outa them ever again. But they want, something? And all this info here and on my web site ain't enough, I guess. (that's Amazing!!!!)

I'm sure we'll bounce outa this freeze soon enough. But what concerns me is big changes. I like to keep up with my fish, and visit them often. And I just can't muster the strength to go out today in this burning wind and cold.

I'm another year older.....and maybe smarter???

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