Monday, January 21, 2008

1/21 - Star system November

Yeah! This is a great day for some reminiscing, that's for sure...

It's gusting to Gale Force (32 MPH), over cast and cold still, along the surface of these local waters


This time of year, each day runs into the next. And I don't even know what day it is without looking it up, on the Plasma Driver. Kinda like I'm caught in a time warp continuem, on the back side of a star cluster vortex.

So I have plenty of time to play around on the ships computer....

Here's a bit of video shot on November 14th earth year: "2007", out along planet Earths, Mayport jetties rocks. The fish were chewin' that day so good it was almost "EPIC".

Nick Watson, from the galaxy "Rathkeltair", was behind the lens of his vintage Sony cyber-shot 21st century, digital camera. Experimenting with the Video option.

I don't have sound on my ships computer anymore, from back when I was hit by a Romulen pulse ray, and the ships engineer can't get the sound to work. So I have no idea of what I was even saying in it. "I just may have to try the replicator."

We messed them up on what was a super great day to be an Earth Jetty Angler!

Here's the days end photo, ya may have seen it before posted here. Like I said it was an Epic battle between marine species and us. And we won!

Because we had "limits" of Trout, Yellowmouths, Reds, Black Drum, and several Sheepshead.
Freezer stockers.....

I hate replicator, Fish. It ends up tasting like Vulcan ass!
So fresh is what I go get.
And we released a bunch of Reds, Black Drum and Trout.

Yes, November is one of my favorite months to visit earth. And so is April.
The two transitional times of year.

Falling water temps in November.....rising water temps in April.
Hence, TRANSITIONAL!! I learned all that by talking with local 19th century anglers.

But today is another story....I wouldn't wish this kinda wind on my worst enemies, the Kilingons!

And people on Earth don't think we here get "cabin fever".

This a time of the year for contemplating. I'm working on a revolutionary new rigging method for fishing the studying my success on other planets, besides the tried and true Float-rig.

To all the Earth Anglers,
Thanks for visiting my star date log.

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