Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1/22 - Observations.

What a difference a day can make, huh? Just to add a bit of science to this thang called fishin'.
First the barometer/atmospheric pressure chart.

Remember the Ye Ole Rule?

*Rising Barometer: Fishing is Best

*Rapidly Fluctuating: Indication of good Fishing (regardless of fluctuating up or down).

*Static Barometer: Fishing is poor

*Falling Barometer: First part of fall is good fishing. After the fall continues for several hours, the more the it goes down the poorer fishing will be.
*Unusually Low Barometer: Don't bother as there is no fishing.

So? Where does today fall in to this graph? I say FALLING BAROMETER, and as we can see from mid night till 12'o clock noon, would fall into the first several hours category.
left out at 10am this morning.....but what else was going on that makes me a happy angler??

Today was the day of the full moon, too. And we had a 5.7' high tide, with a negative 7" on the low. Which makes for lots of current which means no bait stealers, and a very low tide. Take in the fact that it was BRIGHT & SUNNY all day long.

And when the tide is going out, we have a warming effect, since all the shallows are draining warmer water into my hot spots. Also know as just one great day to be out on the water catching fish.

And that's what I did! First spot, 3rd drift of the float, Trout! And it was on. Mostly smaller fish, and a few 14 inchers. But steady action. Plus a Sheepshead.

Next spot....balls to the wall Trout, all in one spot. Holding on a drop, adjacent a sand bar. Mostly 15-17" fish, and a few 14 inchers. But non stop action.

Thought I might tag a Redfish here, but didn't. Never caught a single pinfish, or had a problem with the pinners. It was a dream! As the tide fell, I kept waiting for the fish I came for. Bigger Trout! So at low tide I adjusted, and re-anchored and started making casts up into 2 feet of water with my ever so versatile Salmon Stalker Float and 1 oz. lead.

But to really fool them I used a real long leader. And on my first cast up into a shallow shell covered bank, I had my live river cricket, snapping across the surface.
Then with a boil of water, I knew this was it. The float went down, and I hooked my first 21 incher of the day!

Without wasting one second of time, I pinned on a new shrimp and pitched to the same exact spot and my spitely shrimp was again greeted with some fangs and a big mouth, connected to a
19-3/4 inch Trout!

When you catch a big Trout. Do not waste an ounce of time. Get that fish to the boat, netted and de-hooked fast! And another bait on and back out to the same exact spot.

Because too many times, these fish are in a loose group of fish the exact same size. The pecking order rules, so it seems. The next fish or two may be in the same size range. But #1 is usually the largest.

Many times, I do this instinctual. But have never mentioned it. Because it's like I told a buddy...."it's stuff I do without even thinking about it because I know it, but forget to mention it."

Just try what I'm saying. When you're on a good spot and know it, as I was. And everything is saying it's GO TIME! Don't waste time, fiddle fartin around. "Net-dehook-drop-rebait and cast" Like a machine. And you just may find yourself catching not just one good trout, but several off one spot, and in a row. As I did today. And people don't get it when I just want to fish by myself sometimes. I love getting in that "machine mode", I'm waiting on it. And ready to go into 4th gear, when I sense all is perfect.

Certain observations say to me, this was a good day because.....
Not that I know all the reasons why. But the signals are there, and the same signals were present on other good days. Take for an example: I could see really funny looking clouds in the sky today over the ocean. Low clouds that never moved all day long. I never went any where near the jetties, so I wasn't sure what they were. But I have seen this many, many times before.

It was FOG. Hanging over the ocean. And if it isn't like an omen, when I see that I have usually have a great day. (it's again, a atmospheric thing) The photo is from the boat ramp, looking at a departing ship in the river.

I did have what I'd call a great day. Probably had over 25 Trout to 21", at least 3 limits of Trout. But of course easily caught my measly (5). A Sheepshead, and a Flounder. To add a lil' variety.

I left the house late, caught fish from my first shrimp to my last. Leisurely went back to the dock, cleaned my fish, fed the Pelican's, talked to an old friend for while, and then drifted on home. Sprayed off the boat, and then made me the freshest Trout dinner that you can have, anywhere.

What did I say in my last report?
-"Don't let a nice day with sun shine happen all too soon, or the Trout will not
all too happy."

Hey, I know more than anyone how bad it feels to go through winters around here. It's not as if ya'll Jacksonville residents are banging my door down to go fishing.

So if cabin fever sets in after a few days of heinous weather. I know I'll snap out of it. Just wish my bank account snapped back as easy as I do.
Oh, have ya noticed my slideshow up on the top right? Yeah like that was easy to do...NOT!

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