Monday, January 28, 2008

1/28 - Fishing the right tide

Had Tom, Roger & Larry aboard today. Left out at high tide (noon) on a less than 4.0' falling.

So we had some time till the water started moving the "right way".

The water was cold, but I had confidence that once the tide got low we could do better than yesterday's freezing incoming, all morning.

The fellas were not all that "keen" on my racks full of high dollar baitcasting reels. But they seemed to do fine as most do, kicking the spinner habit for one day. Ya' don't fly fish with a Zebco, and ya don't float-rig with a Spinner! It's just that simple, in my mind.

So to make this short and sweet, cause I'm tired today. They didn't even get bit until the water was low. And I knew it was gonna be that way, going in. We fished some creeks that I can get in. First was a winter sized Flounder around 14". Then a Sheepshead. We then moved on after seeing that those two were it, in between the pinfish bites. And caught a few Reds at that spot, too.

One thing I observed is that even though float-rigging is easy. You have to work at your presentation constantly.

I told Tom the ole story about two tournament King fisherman in the same Go-Fast boats with racing stripes and 5 engines on the stern. Both boats are exactly the so many are in that field of fishing. Both are fishing 6 lines, on down riggers, and on top. Both are dragging chum bags. Both have the latest and greatest tackle. Both have the stealthiest rigs out with hand caught ribbonfish. Both are side by side on the same stretch of bottom offshore.

But one boat is getting bites, hooking fish, and putting them in the custom fish bag. And the other isn't......WHY?

Well the answer is; one of the boats is doing 25 things right all at the same time. The other isn't. They're drinking beer, listening to the radio chatter, and only shaking the chum bag every once in awhile.

That same thing goes for Float-rig fishing or any fishing. And when the going gets tough as it is now with the cold water, and tides that aren't all the strong. I believe presentation and every detail counts. That's fishing.

We went to a spot I had planned on trying once it got right. Again in shallow water. The temp was now up to 57 degrees over the 54 we had at the high tide. It was GO time.

And the guys caught a few Trout, a throwback, and a few more pup reds. But, it may have just been me. I think there was a lot more fish behind us....there had to be!

The water was warmer, the wind was damn near dead calm, and the water was slick as glass. As the sun started to go down we moved not far away and I pitched them to right where I caught a 21", a 20" and a 19" Trout in three casts last Tuesday. The only difference was the current speed.
They caught a few Trout, but no big fish bites.

Many spots where there's shallow water fish, are out of my reach I'm sure. Back in the creek behind the creek....especially the larger Reds. It's this way every year at this time.

DOA Rob did real well early this morning at low water in his Kayak. He caught good Trout, in a shallow area off the main river.

Right now, it's as if you only need to do a 1/2 day trip, with a just before low tide departure. And as soon as the tide starts pouring in and the water starts to come up. Time to go home. No sense trying to work any high water. At least not in my opinion.

Thursday's my next day up, again with a 3 pak.

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