Thursday, January 31, 2008

1/31 - Stick a fork in my............

Last Tuesday, I had Ashley G. call me. And I was excited, because I just got back from catching at least 20 Trout, which probably equated too 3 limits, had a Sheepshead and a Flounder as a cooler spicer upper. Only fished two areas, and dropped anchor 3 times. All by myself and had a ball, just messing around.

Well......since then "stick a fork in my ass", cuz I'm done! Today I had Ashley, and his dad and son on board.

Today reminded me of that line from the movie, "Something about Mary" Where Chris Elliott who played Woogy, says to Ben Stiller, "Each day is worse than the next."

Since last Tuesday, that's how it's been in the Mayport fishing department for me. And I can see that it not only is a change in the fishing. But it's a change in the people I have fishing.

When the fish aren't behind the boat chewin''s not as fun. People get all quiet, and I'm the only one even making any comments.

I'm not gonna go into any details, because honestly I don't have the strength too.

BITES, ya gotta get'em if your gonna catch a fish!

Somethings gotta give. Redtide wasn't even as bad as this week.

March 1, is only 29 days away!

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