Monday, March 10, 2008

3/10 - R&D, before big week

Monday mornings....ahhh the serenity! It's about the only day of the week where I can go anywhere, and do anything and not be waked, anchored next too, or bothered. Because any more, the weekend seem to start on Wednesday's these days.

So Nick and I went out for some "Research and Development". As I like to refer to as "by the numbers" we left out at a perfect time, hit one spot, and began the assault on fishdom. I believe I had Trout #1 on cast #1....and when it was Redbass time, I had #1 Redbass on #1 cast! I was HOT!

That 40 MPH wind on Saturday, matched up to the new moon low tide, did me such a favor. On the falling tide, with a west gale wind behind it, flushed the river like an ole Ferguson toilet. So given the first opportunity to get out there, I was more than ready to take a big bite out of my favorite place....ya know, it's a Jettywolf thang.

I'll pretty much let the photos say a thousand words...

Nick and I wore out the Speckled Trout & Yellowmouth Trout. And had a whole bunch of small 14-1/2" Specks, while I was just waiting on that 7 or 8 pounder. But I never found any "Gators", just Specks to 19 inches. But, 2 weeks ago there wasn't any Specks around out here. So I was glad to get'em any size for the fish box. And the fat bellied Yellowmouth were ferocious!

Compared to our last trip to the jetties, today was very workable. The winds were light, and I had no plans of bottom fishing until low tide. And it was so nice only dropping anchor maybe 2-3 times. Once for all the trout, and the second for numerous Reds from 27" to 33". I said to Nick, "what will it take for me to put you on a Redfish , today?" , because I was ripping them and we were fishing in the exact same spot. And we figured it was the same reason that on our last trip he caught the big Reds, and I didn't!

I really wanted Nick to get a big Red, so I kept saying "I'll back off", so I'd pitch to a different area, but managed to keep on catching them! Like I said, I was hot, for some reason. But then again, I was feeling a little "wolfie".

The water temp was between 62 and 63 degrees, and I was hoping to see it warmer. But things are really starting to heat-up, anyhow. We saw small Sharks give the boat a swim by. And of course there's plenty of those Cow nosed Rays swimming the clean water.

Like many days I experience after a big weather event, if ya just let it settle you can bet the next clear day they'll be on the feed bag, big time.

After our tide was over and the bluefish took over we purposely caught some Blues for cut bait and ran up river and tried bottom fishing for a really Big Redbass, but ran out of time.

So we actually fished a normal day. Rather than our usual marathon. Which was good, Nick was feeling tired and I had things to take care of back at the Ranchero Delux. So we hit the dock and I cleaned all the fish....we had limits of Yellowmouths and Specks, one Sheepshead and one 27" Red. And we both went home with giant bags of fresh fillets.

It was one sweet day!

I'm jam-up from here on out till the 21st of the month. So lots of reports coming. I may combine days, if I'm whooped at 8:00pm. So multiple days maybe in one post. Either way, STAY TUNED!

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