Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3/12 - fishing with the Don....

Ya know, back many many years ago when I got fired from my dead end J-O-B (because I fished too much and was never there) and slid right into the charter fishing business, and doubled my income and happiness. I thought most charters I'd have for inshore fishing would be a "one on one" guided fishing trip with someone who was all about catching fish, learning, and seeing our waters and it's inhabitants. Ya' know, just like you see on TV?

Of course, I couldn't have been any more WRONG. Most charters are not one person trips, and can be up to 4 passengers only because I limit them to 4 people. But then there's the rare days, when I have just one person on board. And if that person is a fisherman. It's magic!

And one of those days was today, with Don Zagorski.

We started out by catching the absolute last of the falling tide. But I told Don, as soon as the current subsides, it's gonna be game on. So we pitched out live shrimp on some bottom rigs, using my new Biscayne 8 foot rods. And about 40 minutes later the tide slowed and the first Redbass was causing Don to grunt and groan. Heck it was only a 10 pounder pulling from 50 feet below.

Then, came a 6.5 pound Sheepshead.....Don's dinner fish. Then, not long after came a 12 pounder. Right as the incoming tides current started to flow on the very bottom.

As the bottom current started to push harder and harder, I said to Don, "let's go float-rig fishing."

So we picked-up from our deep water fishing and went to a Trout spot. By now the tide was running really hard, and the North West wind was not helping us out. Remember, I was just out on Monday with Nick Watson, and we were knee deep in Trout and Reds at the same locale. So when it's wrong, it's all wrong. And I could tell.

The small Bluefish were also a nuisance, so after trying so hard to get it right, mother nature won. And we'll have to try this again later.

So I motored about 100 yards away out into the deep water again, Don and I pitched out the big bottom rods and live shrimp to the bottom and Don scored this 22 pound Redfish, within minutes. He thought the other Reds pulled!! This fish was twice them. We kept trying for more, but for some reason, that was it. So I made a move, as it was now High Tide. And all we had was
bait stealers.

So, we went back for a look to see if it was worth Float-rig fishing again. The NW wind backed way off, and the water was clean and clear. First cast, Speck! And the yellowmouth Trout were also present and biting. But, the little Bluefish were not gone. And with just enough live shrimp left, Don and I worked over the spot, and caught (1) limit of Specks and (2) limits of Yellowmouth Trout, and tossed back many small ones.

We fished about every single useable shrimp in the well. And teased a brazen Pelican. Then headed back to the dock to clean the catch, or as I call it; "Time to make the donuts."

From here on out, I have Friday, Saturday, then all of next week prebooked.

I'm interested in seeing actually how many days I'll either get off, or if I get to do all of these days, how many will be fish'able.

When I get a huge rush of people who want to go because it's a holiday, inevitably momma nature sometimes doesn't care about my financial welfare.

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