Tuesday, April 1, 2008

4/1 - A beautiful morning, no April fools.

After a weekend of big winds and dreary skies, this morning at 7:30am proved to be a good decision made, to get Steve Titus and his 6 year old son Reese out for a half days trip.

I was really surprised how many people I saw out today. Monday's are usually pretty vacant, but That's over.....cause it's now April!

The residual of what the wind did against the start of a new moon week had the falling tide inside the jetties rocks quite sporty to say the least. So we stayed close and I taught Steve and Reese what we were gonna do.

As the tide lowered, the better the fishing got. Even though I thought it was kinda slow, I had to remind myself of what it probably looked and felt like out here this weekend in the gale force gusts.

In between spots we took a ride out the jetties and to the ocean. It was sporty. Big rolling seas from what seemed from the S.E. Reese was yipping all the way as he sat in the stern with his dad.

I saw a few intrepid folks head in from offshore, loaded to the hilt with big offshore rods. I guess these people don't listen to the Weather radio or look at the Internet weather sites. I'm never amazed.

Reese caught a dozen Trout or more and two sheepshead. The sheeps weren't massive, and the trout were mixed, up to 19 inches. He got proficient at saying "Get the net!".

The water temps up, but no signs of Jacks or Spanish Mackerel yet. But in two weeks or so, I bet we'll start seeing them. I hear the dreaded Mangrove Snapper's are on their way too. Those shrimp eating machines are worse than small Bluefish to me. I know how to get away from Blues. But there's no getting away from Mangrove Snappers if you are a Trout fisherman. The 4" eating machines could fall off the face of the earth and I'd never miss them.

I have tomorrow booked along with Friday this week. And with the seas it doesn't look like I'll get offshore to do any jig fishing again.

So I'll wait for that perfect day again.
Next week I'm reserved for several days with one group.

And I think this Saturday is the Redfish spots tourney? Man, that's a good day to get outa Dodge and head offshore. That's one tournament that's grown too large for my participation likes. So I'll probably stay home.

If I had to count the days that I'd rather stay home than be on the water because of tournaments, I bet it's up into the bakers dozen mark by now.

Like I said before, crowds are not my forte.

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