Thursday, April 3, 2008

4/3 - Had to GO!

Yesterday (Wednesday 4/2), what was it like, 83 degrees, sunny and no wind? And I was supposed to have Jake O. aboard, who's a single passenger charter customer. But Jake called me at 0600 hrs in the morning as I was loading rods in the boat and said he couldn't make it. His 'sugar' was low, and he was really weak. Holy sunburn Batnan, did we both miss a perfect day. A really perfect day. We don't get them enough to throw them away. So I was really disappointed.

I ended up doing neglected yard work, and planting some bushes I rescued from my dad's house. Then went to the "club house" aka: the Mayport China Buffet, for dinner with buddy Nick.....where of course I planned an attack on the TROUT & REDS. And Nick was happy to go along, of course. So this morning we took off out to the jetties.

Not the same as yesterday's weather by no means. Hazy, overcast, but warm then dreary, dark, and cloudy with fog in the afternoon. Here comes the next "front".

I told Nick, we should have run offshore again. Because the ocean was slick calm.

But quickly the offshore butter fly jigging pangs went away as I set the hook on a nice Redfish on my "meat-mover" float-rig rod I use for fishing really deep swift water. If you're a Float-rigging tackle enthusiast, you'll soon learn one rod and reel doesn't do it all, well. Especially if you're a jetty fisherman, like me. The deep swifter water
has fish too.

I'll keep this short and sweet since I have a charter tomorrow with Mike H. a regular from Minnesota and his dad.

But we had 8 Speckled Trout to 20", and 5 Yellowmouth Trout, and 4 Redfish, from 17" to 30". And this years 1st Jack Crevalle of the season, a little 12 incher. And some Bluefish. Last years first Jack was 5 pounds on March 23rd. I've been waiting on them, sort of with some contempt. Along with the Ladyfish and Mangrove Snappers, that'll soon be here too. All fish I could live without, of course.

We took loads of photo's, so I'll let them just tell the story. Take notice of how gloomy it looked out there. Now envision how nice it was yesterday...Either way, I just had to go fishing!

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