Sunday, April 13, 2008

4/13 - Screwed by the weather again

One mo' time...just for good time sake. Screwed again!

Was supposed to fish today....other than the light rain this morning, it's not all that terrible.

Forecast was for 15-20 knot west winds on Sunday, as of 8pm last night.
When I had to make the call to my charter clients, with a yes or no, go.

Now, at 3pm it's sunny and not all that windy.
04/13 - 2:48 pm SSW 6.0 kts. gusts 9.9 kts.

Instead here's an example of what it really was this morning:
04/13 - 9:30 am NNW 8.0 kt. gusts 13.0 kts
04/13 - 9:24 am NW 7.0 kts gusts 9.9 kts
04/13 - 8:48 am W 5.1 kts gust 7.0 kts

"Momma's... don't let yer babies to grow to be, charter guides........"

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