Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4/15 - Pay the Goverment Day.

Let me just tell ya. I pushed and pushed and pushed a little bit more, and then a buddy out in Texas took the reign's and pulled the trigger.

And up popped; http://www.aluminumalloyboats.com/ see, we were all talking about our aluminum boats on another web site. A web site full of south Florida "Cuban penis extender owners". Ya' know........"God created South Florida on the 5th day, and as he swept his hands over what soon sprouted up as Miami, he also created the world in which all boats are judged, manufactured and used."


So since we are a "cocky" bunch of diehards from all over the world. We weren't much liked by the pointy, no fishing room, look at me, 6-outboard crowd on this other web site. But we peaked interest. A lot of interest. From practical people, who enjoyed using their boats instead of having to polish them, or get the bird shit stains out of the egg shell.

I've had the link to my second home up on the side bar since day one of the grand opening of Aluminumalloyboats.com (AAB.com for short when discussing...) Don't know if anyone ever looks at that stuff. I'm in the dark, about what readers actually look at here.

But thanks to a guy by the nickname Welder the site has had a Million unique visitors in just a few months. Welder and I dig this stuff. And he made me a Moderator for the forum. Kinda like a look-out for spammers, and code enforcement, I guess you could say. But the job is more honorary, than anything. Because our members are quality folks.

From all over the world! Brisbane Australia, to Maine, to Alaska. Manufactures/builders, owners, want to be owners, charter captains, cruisers, you name it.....all for the love of our practical, easy maintenance, customizable, fuel efficient, aluminum boats that we refer to as Alloy Boats. Because they are far from that beat old thin, and tinny Jon-boat your grandpa had leaning against the tree in the back yard.

Wanted to share with you how the "other half" lives. And show ya'll some photo's of Peter known as the Spoiled One, launching his customized 30 footer that took 2 years to build. Peter's in Alaska. Notice, besides the snow covered ground, the snow covered mountains in the background?? The wood planked boat ramp, and the second truck with the tow strap, just in case there was a "slick spot" on the ramp. These are not even the "ahh" inspiring photo's. Peter and many other Alaskans have posted photos of alloy boats at work in the Arctic, hunting, crabbing, shrimping and yes.......catching Big Fish. If I had room here, I'd show ya photo's of Alloy Boats in Australia, and fellow southerners (Texas to Florida) enjoying the ease of maintenance, ease of ownership their Alloy boats give.

So when you see me at the boat ramp. And think to yourself; "This dude is some kind of wacko with that big metal boat, no one owns them..."

Just remember, I know a whole lot more than you do about these boats, their history, what kind of people own them, and really... "I think you might just be the wacko for not owning one too!"

Here's a photo of the USCG Mayport, Fleet in the St. Johns River. Using the same material in all their boats, as is used to build mine.

Watch out Terrorists, I mean weekenders!

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