Wednesday, April 23, 2008

4/22 - News

I'll be posting some tidbits from time to time, I find on http://www.aluminumalloyboatscom/ - where you'll always find me and my world wide friends who are also plate alloy owners.

Who here thinks Aluminum Plate boats are some new fangled idea?

Obviously a lot of the general public I run into does. And that's a shame. Since their minds have been fogged by the marketing success of the Plastic boat builders, and the ad agencies. Come on...the world just isn't Carolina Skiffs and tubes of 3M 5200.

Just so you know, here's a plate aluminum boat from way back. (1941 aluminum plate PT-boat) And talk about holding it's VALUE!!

Here's the link, it's on Ebay!!


Friday & Saturday - 2nd annual Jacksonville Irish Music Festival

Jax. Fair grounds. Saturday gates open at 11am till midnight

Jax Fair Grounds. Friday evening, Seven Nations, playing with the Gainesville Chamber Orchestra

For more info go to:

-Catch the Beaches Flyer to the Festival! Leaving from Lynch's from 5pm Friday night and from 10am Saturday Morning. For all you drinks of the brew.

I'll probably see you there....

Wanna hear a sample of what LOCAL TALENT, will be there?

Go to this link and listen to RATHKELTAIR, my fishing buddy Nick's band. - listen here


Janna Light, former lead singer of Celtic Soul - Listen here

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