Thursday, April 24, 2008

4/25 - with east winds and zero fishing comes......

Zero going on, east winds blowing, fuel is up .20 cents in 5 days, so......It's boat show time!

My second love, besides fishing is looking at and riding in, if I could on bad azz boats. Especially if they are made out of Plate Alloy.

When you think Aluminum boats, I bet ya don't think of anything like these.

AMF plate alloy's from New Zealand.

Yes, just because it's painted you'd walk right on by and never say to the owner, "hey how many bud cans does it take to make one of these" like I have to hear from the rednecks scientists, at the gas station when I'm filling up my boat. (mine is not painted)

First one is a AMF 850 classic, fashioned after the American-style 'picnic boat'. Which the owner now wants a 45' version. (must be one wealthy man)

This second boat a AMF 720 Viper is a concept hull developed by Paul Sharratt to show what he can do with aluminium. And I say......"he do, well."

Then the last I have to show you is the AMF's first Outboard Powered QRV 950 (rescue vessel), Fitted with twin 25ohp Yamaha Fourstroke Engine this boat as seen in these photos is doing 47.7kts !!

Okay, Boat Show from the "other side" is over, for now. But you're looking at just a few of the strongest, fastest, boats in the world. Real world. The craftsmanship is only rivaled by wood boat builders.

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