Thursday, April 24, 2008

4/24 - Looks like Saturday or Sunday is "IT".

Well, another wind blown week is passing by. Just got back from breakfast at Nicklyn's Cafe with dad. Where we chat about what's going on. Dad didn't realize that an East wind just about shuts down any and all "jetty bites".

Saturday & Sunday is it folks. And if I do not get any calls in advance I will be at the Jax Irish Music Festival on Saturday. And I know, the phone will ring with some one asking to go right now, because they see sun out the window. It always happens.

But since weekends are getting to be a really big hassle, dispite fuel costs sky-rocketing 20 cents a week. There's no lack of boat traffic in the river or offshore. We're what, up to $3.50 - $3.60 a gallon now?? And there is no end in sight. Maybe a complete "shut" down of all commerce in the country will change the state we're in, now.

Everyone says it has will get worse till it gets better. I blame the ones in charge, it's just that simple for me.

I believe it all stems from Bush #1 and the first bombing of Iraq, in 1991. Now, the Bush #2 goverment has really ruined it for the regular person. The fat beauracrats don't worry about having to stay in business, buy food, or fuel. They have life long jobs, being fat politians with big checks "we" pay them. Has anyone ever really met a life long politician that was poor?

I decided to post a special on charters for two persons on my NEWS page. Here it is;

I guess, I'll also make up an "notice" for the sidebar of the blog here, so to make it permanent and seen by everyone who doesn't know I also have a complete web site with changes going on weekly too.

Yep, I've received calls from people wanting me to recommend a fishing guide to them, because they somehow found these blog pages, and figured "why not ask this dude about who he'd recommend they fish with"......Totally unaware that I was a fishing guide and have links down the side to my web site. Yes, people can be that clueless. That's like asking a salesman at a car lot, "who's the best dealer in town where I can buy a mini-van like that one there.....?"

I learn something new about the public everyday.

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