Sunday, April 6, 2008

4/6 - was suppose to be 2 days!

What do I always say, "when I have multiple days booked, it seems like I never get them all out because of what?.......The Weather". Yep, had Bob Hartman and his buddy Bill aboard today, on Sunday. We meticulously planned to fish on Monday & Tuesday. Just so we didn't have to be out on a weekend. But on Friday I looked at the weather for Monday and Tuesday. And didn't like what I saw. I'm very sick by now of fishing in high winds. And that's what the problem was.
So I quickly called Bob and said, "let's spin the weather wheel of fortune and see if Sunday will do. At least the winds won't be bad. That's what Monday and Tuesday looks like, for sure."

So Bob agreed and drove down from Hilton Head Sunday morning. Yes.....Hilton Head S.C. We met at 9am and departed. Heading EAST, of course. The seas were rolling in from the S.E. but the Yellowmouth Trout were on fire, once we found them. But Bob's "inner-ear" was less than happy with the sea state. So he's be sea sick, wobbly, and then fish some more. Then seas sick and wobbly, and then continue fishing. He did this for hours. I had to give the man credit. He didn't give up! He was bound and determined to fish. Even where I wanted too.

Then we moved as the tide got just right for big Redfish. But Bill caught a 6 pound Sheepshead instead......and more Yellowmouth Trout. We caught enough of them fish, I wanted Bob on a big jetty Dog. But the circumstances, seas, whatever was making it hard to get one, if one was even in there.

Now, fully accomplished "float-rig fisherman", broke in by the Jettywolf, while pitchin' and rolling around in my BIG METAL, it was evident. Bob need some relief. So we moved on to more tranquil waters.

But, by now the new moon falling tide was a screamin'.....but with some persistence we still caught a few small Speckled Trout. Even I was being challenged pretty hard to find a decent spot where the tide wasn't haulin ass. But never fear. Time heals all everything, and I made move or two till I found the perfect spot. And even then had to adjust us a few times to get it perfect.

But when I did. Here came some really decent Specks. Bill caught one while the engine was running, while we were drifting tight on the anchor line, 2 feet off the side of the boat. THAT'S WHEN YOU KNOW THE FISH ARE HERE.

Bob was being a bit out done by Bill. He was catching Specks. Then all of a sudden Bob's float goes down and the drag takes off. The fish makes a long long burning run down the rock covered bank. I said to Bob, "Here's that Redfish you were supposed to get at the end of the jetties!"

But as time went by, and by, and by.....Bob wasn't making no head way with the fish. Turns out his drag was so loose, even after I tightened it for him a bit that the fish took off 1/2 the spool of line on his 6500 Abu Garcia Ambassador reel! Bob was the "king of finesse", I guess.

As the fish got closer and closer, I feared it was not a Big Redfish, but rather a YELLOW SUBMARINE! aka: Jack Cravalle. If so it's the first larger one of the year. Two or three trips ago we caught a few small ones.

Bob brought the fish boat side and yes, it was a decent sized Jack. And Bob was thrilled, and a bit wore out from all the reeling. The Jack weighed in at 8 pounds. So folks, where 's the Spanish Mackerel, and the Ladyfish? Have even seen one of them yet. I better not talk too soon, huh? Because before long, they'll be eating all my shrimp in the live well.

We continued to fish, looking for more Trout. But I had dinner at Momma's house waiting (it's a
Sunday thing) and we only caught another small Jack. So we headed in. Because I had a lot of fish cleaning to do, also.

Overall a decent day. Dispite the rain, no sun, lots of clouds, Bob's sea-sickness, and serious river current, it all worked out in the end. Bob and Bill had a good day, and lots of fillets to take back home, and some good stories to tell.

Next up for me is Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Let's see how Mother Nature treats me on that line up of days. I'm ready for no wind, lots of sun and slower current. C'C'mon......?

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