Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4/9 - WINDY....gale force week?

Well, when the wind blows I always have something to do here. So I been adding some really nice features to the boat.

I'm not going to get all into what I've been doing. But I added a thing or two that I've been wanting on the boat for a long time.

And, I'm re-vamping some tackle. Here's where YOU make out. I do this from time to time. And if I was Joe Fisherman out there, I'd be ready to pounce on these. I can set ya up, if you're looking to start out with all you need for river, coastal, or offshore fishing.


(4) - G. Loomis, BBR-966C (casting) GL2 8 foot, 1 piece, 25-45# line, 3-10 oz. class rods. Cork handle, tripper grip all fugi reel seat & guides. THINK MONSTER REDFISH. Also Tarpon, Shark, Grouper, AJ. Used, but in fine condition All (4) - 87.50 a piece at $350.00. One at a time - $100 each. Merlot color. These rods were designed for Salmon fishing in Alaska! Can whip a 100 pound fish. Graphite blend for superior action and durability.

(4) - G. Loomis BBR-904C (casting) GL2 7' 6", 1 piece, 12-25# line, 1-6 oz. class rods. Same as above, except a lighter version. Same pricing, also. Awesome river rods. Can and have done it may have used these if you've fished with me.


Life time warranty, via G. Loomis, or expediter service where you pay shipping and get brand new rod, no questions asked!

(3) - Okuma IM8 - 7'6" heavy casting rods. Yes, Okuma's......their best! "Guide Select" series rods. Split cork handle, light and sensitive. BIG FISH RODS! Bottomfish, Tarpon, Shark, Grouper, Snapper. Fugi Alconite guides! Fugi reel seat. 1-5 oz class rods. NEW!!!! $80.00 each. $75 each for all (3) taken at one time. Okuma's "over the counter" no questions asked warrenty!! (

NO reels, so don't bother asking. Everyone does.....

I'm re-vamping. And you can make out. All rods subject to bid. There is "wiggle room". But we're talking the Loomis rods new are $180 each, and the Okuma's are $110.00 each at the stores. And the warranty's are some of the best in the biz. That's why I bought them.

If you are interested contact me via email at: or phone 904-642-9546.

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