Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5/27 - Settled waters, boat traffic over, it's Tueday!

I'll wait my turn. Because I can. I fished Friday and Sunday over the windy Memorial day holiday. Not as much as I'd liked. But we got out there, so what more could I ask for?

Dave's turn, that's what! So, even though Tuesday's weather was "iffy", I went. Leaving the dock at 0530 hrs. to go have me some fun.

This is a "classic" time of year, the end of I stated in my last report, it's all about same places, same time of year. Gone from the inlet are the big Specks. Believe me I've tried to find them there. But here's the kicker..."they are all over the surf". Yep, they are running the beach but can't be caught at the jetties?? That's a real perplexing situation, I know. Structure like the Jax Beach Pier is where you can find them on certain conditions. And they'll be big fat roe laden females, too. I've always put them into groups in the summer. Half the fish, will be on the beach, and the other half are in the river. And the river half are on the move. And by the time July is here, the river half will be as far as Orange Park or Green Cove Springs. Depending on how much rain fall we get in the summer months. Because the Shrimp, and bait are that far south.

But for now, I know where they are at. And if you want to have some classic warm weather Trout mornings. It's time to get on the stick, and call me. Not next month, or in two weeks. But RIGHT NOW!

It was dark as I headed to the first spot. Nothing like watching the sunrise as your first drift of the float-rig goes behind the boat, then disappears. Yes, I had a Trout on my first drift. (I.G. - instantaneous gratification.)

I'm not gonna go into massive detail about the day, other than saying; by 11:00 am I had between 35-40 Specks, half the trout were OVER 20 inches!
1-small Redfish, 1- small black Drum, and a keeper Flounder at 15".

"How can that be?", you ask? Well, I came prepared. I had at least 15 dozen live shrimp in the well, and left the house with 6 rods. Two deep water float-rigs, two jig rods, a top water casting rod, and my light action float rod. And all day to fish, hard!

I fished a total of four spots. And on area #2 and #3 the Trout were insane. So insane that I caught one on damn near ever drift of the float. Even lost another monster Speck. That pushed my live shrimp to the surface, and then sky-rocketed on it coming out of the water. It looked to be a monster Trout in that 10 pound category again. I pulled on my fairy wand rod to get the fish out from under a dock. and it came. But lost it right behind the boat as the hook pulled. After closer inspection, the owner hook was even bent a little. "Oh, what a sight that was." In shallow water.

I even caught a spinning rod and reel on one spot, complete with a lure attached. I could have cleaned it up....but I'm not a "spinner" guy and brought it back and left it at the boat ramp for someone else to mess with.

I started counting the "over" twenty inch Trout, but figured out that I'd be doing a lot of photo's and didn't have enough fingers to hold up.

So I quit at the 4th Speck. The action was so good, and how many pictures do I need to take of the same size fish, 20" to 24 inches.

Each year around this time, I get several chances to go do this by myself. This year it's fuel prices that will limit my FUN days alone.

So I kept telling myself, "get it, while the getting is good", so even though I had my measly Speck limit, I kept hopping around trying different spots. Not to beat up the same area, like some people I know who don't find any good spots on their own. But take from others instead. I call them the "shadows". We all know a few.

It wasn't like it was the best looking morning. After sun-up it really looked as if I picked a wet day to fish. But I never got rained on a single drop. The fish gods were with me.

Back at the boat ramp, I was greeted by what I think is the same White Egret that always comes to visit, because it knows I'm a "softy". I can literally hand feed this bird small cut pieces of Trout belly, off the end of my knife.
DO NOT use your'll stab you with it's beak!

This is the most polite bird. Patient and it doesn't take much to get it so full it won't even take a hand-out after awhile. But still hangs around on my boat.

I have Dale H. on board Thursday, so we'll be going full bore. I mentioned to him that the Tarpon are at the jetties and he said, he'd love to catch one of them. But since jetty tarpon are a snipe-hunt, when you'd actually like to target them. And most are caught/hooked inadvertently.....I think we'll opt for Speck limits instead. Specks fit on my jumbo fish cleaning table a lot better.....
Get while the getting is good. Call me for your personal "Trout-Tour". NOW.

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