Sunday, May 25, 2008

5/25 - Trout Galore...same place, same time, same channel

Been at this for quite some time. It's painful to realize these days, that I'm totally not-fit to do much else. And as a real good friend and mentor said to me one time, "Dave, as you go along you'll find you're un-trainable. And then you're stuck". These were the words of retired 35 year commercial fisherman. Which, I don't separate him from me. We're both in the same boat, doing the same kind of thing. Just doing it a bit differently.
The reason I'm saying this is because as I look through lists of photo's, it's good to see that the fish are right where they are supposed to be over another Memorial day weekend holiday, for the books.

I sift through all the photos in my computer files and see all the faces and beautiful fish caught from years past during this same time of month. And it just had me thinking, about all the people and the fish during this time of year.

Right now, can be classic Trout fishing along the banks of the St. Johns River. From lot's of small ones to some big momma's, fat with roe.

Here's a few caught during this same time of month from years past:

Although I've fished in better weather on other Memorial Day holidays. So far it's been rain and N.E. winds at 20 kts. But we caught fish either way in the same ole spots.

Today, I had a farewell trip. With Joe Eulberg, and his wife Judy and daughter Rachel.

Joe's been out with me several times. Once with Rachel. And never with Judy. But since they are moving to Ohio, from Jacksonville. It was the last salty trip. And Joe will become a Walleye Great Lakes fisherman, now.
We departed at o700 hrs. and it's so funny how the weather guessers on the 'local yokal' News refer to a 20 kt. N.E. wind..."oh, it's gonna be a little breezy, on Sunday", the weather girl said last night at 11:00. Yeah...a little breezy. Right.

So we took off down river. Eastward today was out of the question.

Even though the wind was howling, I'll take a N.E. wind and incoming tide any day over an west wind and incoming tide.

Joe, Judy and Rachel caught a whole bunch of really nice Specks, a few Bluefish and Jacks, and only one Ladyfish, and only 3 Mangrove Snappers. I don't know what is worse, a Bluefish's teeth or the Mangroves ability to shuck the meat out of a shrimp in a nano second. Either way, both are not targeted species. They just come with the territory this time of year.

Industrial area's. I love fishing them. Crusty dock pilings. I just love float-rig fishing them. It's probably, the fact that there's a target to drift to and around. And you just never know how big the Speck will be that's hiding behind them.

We really had fun fishing these areas today. And the worst thing was I could only squeeze three photos out of my camera, before the batteries died.

And as the Eulbergs left with a big bag of beautiful Speck fillets for dinner tonight, and I bid Joe good luck in Ohio. I was so glad we got to go even though the weather wasn't like last year's Memorial day holiday

Next up:
Dale Houck...."the weather man", no he's not actually a weatherman, I just refer to him as that because he always insists, "Dave, don't worry, it's gonna be nice." Just him and I, two guys out chasing "GATORS".

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