Sunday, June 29, 2008


Had Dan Kelly and his two sons out for a day of pulling on big fish. So I hoped.

But like a 6th sense, I just had a funny feeling this morning. It was cooler, which is always welcomed. But just felt different than, last Thursday. If you aren't sweating hard at 8am in the heat, it's just not a typical late June day on the water. Greenies at the rocks, were the usual hunt and peck, to catch them.

So we sped off towards just a few Shrimp boats out dragging on a Sunday morning. There wasn't nearly the dolphins behind them. And I glanced at the water temp and wasn't shocked. Since when I was out on Thursday, the water temp seemed kinda cool. But this morning I actually marked temps ranging from 75-78 degrees. What happened to the warm 80 degree water?

So I pulled up behind a shrimp boat and pitched a dead greenie to where the few Dolphins were diving, as I usually do for the big speedy Blacktip Sharks that I promised Dan and the boys.

Not a single bite. Tried again. No bites. Again, hung the shrimp net! Again, had a small bite that ran and then came off. The sharks were basically G-O-N-E. And the Dolphins weren't even thick.
So back to the big rocks we went. And as the tide changed we jigged up greenies much better now, as they flushed out of the river.

Then off to the Southeast hole area. We arrived and were only one of only two boats there. And on the way ran through water that was 74.5 to 76 degrees. That's kinda cool for the last week in June, I'd think. But bait is everywhere under the surface and just off the bottom. So it can't be all that bad.

I ran one greenie on top and the other weighted with a two ounce lead a few feet of the leader. (also know as the down-rigger-less king rig) Yeah, low tech catches them too. Just ask Capt Fred Morrow, he prides himself in low tech. And to tell ya the truth, it's a lot easier, I think.

We slow trolled the exact same area I fished on Monday and Wednesday and had strikes. It took about 30 minutes, but one rig went off.....and it was the down line with the weight on it.

Dan Jr. was on the reel and did a good job of easing the fish to the boat. A snake King. Not huge, but a kingfish none the less, and in my mind....Finally a fish!

As we bled the fish out, cleaned up a bit and put the fish in the fish bag, I looked around and now had 11 other boats in the same area.

I told the guys, in my mind that means that there is now a 11:1 shot at catching that one big King that might come through here. My dad would always do that, count the boats in an area we were approaching as we moved from spot to spot. And figure the odds, especially during a tournament.

So we gave it a few more minutes and went back north and hit the "rip line".

No one around, but then again. No bites, either.

So we ran back to the two remaining shrimp boats, and gave the shark fishing another try.
The water temp in the chum hole was a solid 78 degrees at least. But still caught no sharks behind the shrimp boats.

Then we packed it in for the river and anchored up and dropped greenies on circle hooks inside the south jetty. No sooner one bait was on the bottom, it was getting hit. But no taker. I checked the bait and the head of the greenies was all chewed up, that's all.

We stayed close for maximizing, "baits in the water". And the one fish was it. I really have a feeling the cooler water moved in and pushed the fish and sharks somewhere else. Because I noticed on Thursday that the water seemed cooler even at PG and EF reefs.

Next up for me is Tuesday. A kids trip 1/2 day. With a dad and 6 year old that I had out last year on July 5th or 6th.

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