Tuesday, July 1, 2008

7/1- Slow, wet start, with big finish.

Had Greg and Will T. aboard. Last year, we fished during the July 4th holiday I think. And it was a zoo of boats and people. They caught lots of fish, right in front of everyone on a spot so over looked it's unbelievable. Because I figured, why make any long run in these crowds. But many of the fish were small. But perfect for then, 5 year old Will.

But at 7am this morning, we certainly didn't have to worry about the crowds! No one was around. And we no sooner left the boat ramp and rounded a bend in the river and the rain came down, chasing us straight back to the boat ramp. Where Greg and 6 yr old Will hid in their vehicle, and I in my safety yellow FroggToggs rain suit stayed in the boat. It pour like hell for about an hour or more. But we still waited it out an extra few minutes to watch the sky clear.

Still wet Greg and Will reloaded into the boat and we took off.

It was the "dark side of the moon", the New Moon. So the tide wasn't excessively high, but boy was it excessively low. So take a wild guess when the fish finally bit????

Only when the tide was about 1/2 low. But that didn't take all that long for the tide to get that low. So we complained.....or at least I did, through the first couple of spots we tried at the high water with out so much as a lost shrimp to a fishes lips. It was looking bleak. But, you have to fish when the fish eat. And that obviously wasn't anywhere on the high tide!

So we stuck with it. And the sky cleared up and the hot humid heat started to pour on as we neared noon. But Greg and Will started catching fish. Or should I say Will caught the fish.

It started out as small Jacks and Mangrove Snappers, and usual summer time bait stealers, while Float-rig fishing. But we ended up with larger Mangroves for the cooler and although there wasn't loads of Trout bites, they were quality fish up to 4 pounds.

Many times when I have the younger kids onboard, all I want is ACTION. And initially had plans to head to the inlet's jetty rocks at first, to see what was going on there. But was glad we stayed in the calm waters of the St. Johns River. We headed back as the day heated up and Will was ready to hit the pool at condo.

Want to thank everyone who asked about my "best friend" for the last 15 years, My Dusky dog. Since she had a terrible bout with canine geriatric vestibular syndrome.

As we all know, it's a gut wrenching thing to see an innocent animal that you love so much go down hill so fast, with that disease. I have to now get used to having a house not covered in dog hair. But I won't have my best buddy there waiting to greet me when I get home from fishing anymore. It really makes me very sad. Today, she wasn't there at the gate when I came home. And that will be very hard to get used too.


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