Monday, July 21, 2008

7/21 - Heck with Discovery Channel...C'mon!


It's shark week on Capt. Dave's "BIG METAL" boat, and there's no bag of potato chips or lazy boy recliner here. It's YOU and the beast.

I know I've been out there mingling with the BlackTip's a lot, because it's so dang fun. And guess what?? The Ocean water is WARM again! It was a solid 80-82 degrees, where last week before the storm and passing of Bertha, the ocean water was 74-78 degrees. Just in time for the 100 boat, Greater Jax Kingfish tourney...UHG. But no matter rain, nor wind , nor choppy seas, can keep me from making my appointed rounds with these "String Stretchers", for my 1/2 day clients. And I have two more days of it coming up before the tournament.

And YES, they're just off the beach. And sometimes so close we can bikini watch, while fishing. Just an F.Y.I. for ya'll.

Man, I'm so glad to see the warmer water come back close-in, again. It's not summer without 80 plus degree water. TARPON? Maybe. I have my nose on the trail.

Had Bruno B. friend Whitney and daughter Brittney aboard today for a 1/2 day.

As usual we took off at 7am and they were wore slap out by 11am.

Only thing that changed was the fact the "shrimpers" changed locales. But the first boat we ran into was loaded up.

And the Blacktips were all good sizers. We even had one snap 65 pound Super Braid line at boat side that went 7 foot or better......that's the man I'm always looking for. And my customers would be happy with the 40 pounders. Bruno was on the rod when the big one horse shoe'd the rod, and the line popped with a crack! Ahhhh, I love the studs.


We caught at least 6 or more and had another 4 lost due to break off's or eaten leaders. These dudes are tough on tackle. So I wouldn't attempt going after them on too light of tackle, or you maybe in for a very long fight.

I'm tired and I never fought a single shark.

Don't forget to check the report with the photo of the very well built angler, for my garage sale items. Or visit link on the top of the side bar of this blog. Let's DEAL.

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