Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7/22 - OPPS.....

Had Mike & Nick H. on board today from California. Since yesterday's chew fest behind the shrimp boats. I was ready to have these guys wearing them out. We left out a bit later, since I needed the rest after yesterday and then going to a class from 6pm till mid-night. I was whooped. So we left out at 8am, instead of 7am, as usual.

The shrimp boats were all over outside the jetties. And we caught sharks behind them and down in the S.E. hole area, where the water is cleaner. But it was very bleak compared to earlier in the week.

It's really something that each day is never like the day before. I tell people on my boat, "who here, goes to work and has not a clue of what's going to happen while you're there?" The answer is usually, "not me....I do the same thing all the time."

It was about 11:30am when I pulled up to the back of a few shrimp boats, cast out two baits, and as the shrimper pulled off, we never had a sniff of our baits. That was enough for me to say, "I've had enough."

So I changed up my big gear and re-rigged, scrolled through my GPS and headed offshore.
6 miles later we came off plane and dropped over some "old school rigs". The stuff that used to catch fish before they all got smarter, and every boat became tournament rigged and ready, for only live bait fishing for just catching whoppers for weigh-in.

Well, I had no live bait, no time to get live bait. And my dead bait was shark bait, not trolling bait.

The "old school rig" worked great. No sooner we started to troll, both lines got WHACKED, but no hook-ups. So we kept on. I played around with the trolling speed, and obviously found the sweet spot. The rod doubled over and Nick reeled in his first ever Cuda. Not a whopper. But just right. Nick was still tired from Mr. Blacktip that pushed 100 pounds.

Then we kept trolling a large artificial reef area. Mike was up next and the rod bent over and he had a Kingfish. A snake (small one), but his first ever. Back up and trolling again and a few more whacks and then Nick caught another snake King. Perfect for the fish box it was just 30". So this was the one going to California tonight at 6pm, via jet air liner.

We trolled the area a little while longer with a few more hits and no hook-ups, then headed in. Beating a storm brewing from the south.

I didn't mind this change up, because it was a change of pace.

The big OPPS is that I thought Mike took a few photos of me and Nick with the Cuda and Kings, but when I got home and went to down-load the photos from my camera there wasn't any in there. Hmmm....Mike??

It's okay. Reading ( not looking at pictures) is fundemental, right?

1/2 day on Wednesday during the GJKT Jr. Anglers day. Oh Boy.....I have a plan to possibly try for a Silver King. A buddy of mine caught one today.

It sure is good to see 83 degree water again.

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