Monday, July 14, 2008

Ate up with going vertical??

Been searching around for the absolute best photos that can describe "Butterfly Jigging", offshore over the reefs. And low and behold I found what I was looking for and much more.

Even found a really good video that describes the "how to". Even though I could go out and video some how to, I figured what the hell these guys up in N.C. (other charter fisherman) are here for the showing.

Next time I get the kind of client(s) no more than two. (because jigs and stuff cost way too much to take Rookies out there) I hope to be able to bring the Video camera myself.

Maybe, just maybe I can get my buddy Nick to split a trip with me if I don't come up with the right fisherman. "IF" he takes some seasick pills, this time.

Plus, maybe someday we'll get back into serious jigging time with good water temps. Good visibility offshore and not so cold water on the bottom. Spoke to a diver today and he said, "man, you can really feel the thermocline out there." He also said he saw some really nice Flounder!!
Oh, is it Daiwa Pirate, and Lucanus jig time? (bottom fish jigs....Flounder, yes!)

This figure is suppose to be describing
the various ways to jig.

Just vertical in heavier current.
Use heavier jigs for this.
And then 1. casting and working a school of subsurface fish. and then 2. cast and work the entire water column. Lighter jigs, that will flutter as they sink are better for the casting up current of a drifting boat. Always pitch up current.

I don't have any Williamson Abyss jig, or jigs with a side attach point. But I'll get a few just because I want to try this. I think for around here a lighter 5 ounce would work great for this rigging technique.
Don't ever say, you don't benefit from visiting this report blog! I do my homework, and I didn't even want to pass this on, because I wanted to try it first.


Here's the 14 minute video of how effective a jig can be. And by the end look at what live pogies caught....damn it would be great if "we" had a POGIE around here. Maybe some day we will again.

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