Monday, July 14, 2008

7/14 - 2 boats - lots of teeth

Had Larry R. call me yesterday and he had 6 or 7 people that wanted to go fishing. Can't say that 2pm was a lot of notice. But I got the J-O-B done and called Cappy Randal, (aka: Sea-Daddy), as my second boat that was needed for that many people.

Shocked off my leaning post, Larry pulled in the parking lot about 30 minutes early!!!!

I never get that, especially on a large group charter, where someone inevitable slows down the morning momentum . But it was 6:30am and they were here! I hardly had time to soup down in sunscreen and fix a few rigs. Really, I was shocked.

I took 4 people, and Capt. Randal took just two. We both had Jr. Anglers aboard at 10-11 years old. And my kid was a machine!

We went behind the shrimp boats and tossed baits behind the nets and caught Sharks. At first they were smaller types. And the action was really good, considering not a whole lot has been going on just off the beach with the cool water temps. via a summer thermocline that is upon us once again. PREDICTION: this 75-78 degree water won't leave here till we have a September Tropical storm, Depression, or Hurricane come by. The water should be 80-83 degrees all day long!

Capt. Randall's crew was hooked up instantly, as he pulled up and made a cast to the back of the shrimp boat.
And then it was my crews turn.

This boy was a fishing machine, and I think he went for at least 3-4 in a row!

At first the sharks were around the 30 pound mark. They are fast! Then, we ran to another spot and found four shrimpers working and this area producing exactly what I was looking for.


(There's no way for me to get a photo of what we call a "Spinner". Which is really nothing but a Blacktip Shark that flies through the air cork screwing)

The three adults were there, but the boy just kept going and going......
Then we had a few double headers, two on at the same time. Which is always fun. If they stay apart.

The guys had to of caught at least 8-10 of these toothy dudes. And then wanted to go try something else. And there wasn't much else to try at this point. But I ran out to a "bait spot" and jigged up some tiny little cigar minnows. And slow trolled them around for awhile, with no strikes.

So we headed to the dock.
Capt Randall had the same action, and even got some chum from a shrimper. So he didn't have to chase the boats anymore.

The offshore report from a friend wasn't all that great. Cuda's of course, a Bonita, and one King Mackerel.

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